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  • The cut was pretty deep, and since my finger was red and swollen, I thought that I might be at risk for getting an infection
  • I highly recommend Bactine to anyone who needs an cleansing antiseptic pain reliever

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      I am a fan of Bactie Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray Frist Aid Antiseptic Pain Reliever. I can remember using Bactine many years ago when I was a kid. I remember falling off my bike and my mother getting the plastic bottle of Bactine out and putting on my scraped knee. I also remember that I was worried that it was going to burn when she put it on. I was always surprised that the Bactine never burned. Recently, I got a paper cut. This was not an ordinary, run of the mill paper cut. It was very deep, and the pain was throbbing. My fingertip was red and I could barely write or type. I had a bandage on it to prevent further trauma to it, but the pain was so severe, that it brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t know what to do, but I just figured I would wait it out because, after all, it was only a paper cut. This was the worst paper cut I ever had. The paper was not thin, but rather almost like cardboard.

      The pain was so bad, so I

      went to the drugstore to see if there was any over the counter medication or ointment that I could buy that would help with the pain. I was also concerned that I might get an infection. The cut was pretty deep, and since my finger was red and swollen, I thought that I might be at risk for getting an infection. As I was browsing the analgesic shelf, I came across the Bactine Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray First Aid Antiseptic Pain Reliever. It really brought back memories, and I was even surprised that they even still sold Bactine. I was hesitant about buying the Bactine, because I didn’t think that it would be strong enough or effective enough to relieve my pain. I was even leary of the pain that I might encounter when I applied the Bactine. I did end up buy the Bactine, and when I got home, I put some on. That familiar Bactine smell didn’t change much from years ago. When I applied the Bactine, it felt very soothing, and did not hurt or burn at all. I was happy that it while the Bactine ...

      • was relieving the pain, it was also cleaning the cut. After a few minutes, the pain from my paper cut was actually starting to go away. This made me so happy, because I could barely write, and I need to write for my job. I used the Bactine a few more times for another day, and then I didn’t need to use it at all.

        The redness and inflammation went away too. I really thought I was going to get an infection, but using the Bactine put my mind at ease. Bactine is a time honored brand that I trust even more, now that I’ve used it recently. I highly recommend Bactine to anyone who needs an cleansing antiseptic pain reliever. Althought Bactine is an over the counter product you should still check with your doctor or healthcare provider before using it. If you do use it, read the label carefully, and use it only as directed.

        A good friend of mine recently scraped her leg pretty bad on her door, and I told her about Bactine. She didn’t believe that it was still on the market, and thought they

        had stopped making it years ago. When I told her about my paper cut, and how effective the Bactine was for me, she said she would try it. I didn’t think that she was going to purchase it, because she, like me was skeptical, thinking how can Bactine relieve the pain of a severe cut. She did purchase it and called after she used it. She told me that the Bactine relieved the pain from the scrape on her leg better than anything she used.

        I will purchase Bactine again when I run out of what I have. I want to have it on hand, and will use it if I ever get another paper cut.

        Bactine is not expensive and I find that it is an effective topical pain reliever and wound cleaner. If you find that your wound is infected or you are in severe pain, only use the Bactine after you have visited your doctor. Although Bactine is an effective cleaners and pain reliever, it is not an antibiotic, and you may need an antibiotic if you have an infection. Bactine may prevent a wound infection because it is an antiseptic.

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