American Airlines
  • The one problem I have with them is that they charge for baggage
  • It's still awesome to have though, if I had the capability I definitely would've taken advantage of that
  • I know the dollar's weak right now, but who doesn't take cash
  • That was pretty cool in my opinion, I give them major points for that

    • by David Finniss


      I flew home for Thanksgiving as my parents offered to pay for the ticket. They booked me through American Airlines. I had a total of four flights as I had connecting flights.

      The one problem I have with them is that they charge for baggage. It was 20 bucks for each way, which is kind of lame.

      On the way out to Maryland, my first flight was delayed as the plane had to turn around to make repairs or something to that effect. As such, I was going to end up missing my connecting flight. Luckily, I knew this in advance and they were able to book me on another flight with no trouble, they even re-checked my bag to make sure it arrived when I did. As I was rather tired, I ended up sleeping through both flights.


      was fully conscious for the flight back however. Like my flight out, my initial flight was delayed. Unlike the first time, however, all of the delays occurred once we had boarded so I couldn’t rebook my second flight back to Wichita. When I arrived in Dallas, they booked me for a flight the next morning as there were no flights going out until then. They gave me a voucher for a hotel and even provided shuttle service. I still had to pay like $50 bucks for the room, part of me wants to say that it should’ve been free given the circumstances but they payed half so it’s not so bad.

      They also had a shuttle for pickup to bring me back to the airport the next morning.

      When I arrived in Wichita, my bag didn’t come

      through the chute. I was worried that they had lost it, but then it occurred to me that it was possible that my bag arrived the day before. I asked the front desk and they did indeed have my bag so that was all settled.

      As for the plane itself, they were nice. The seats weren’t insanely comfortable, but it worked well enough. It was rather odd how they split up the flights. One of my flights was an hour and the other was two and a half. I wouldn’t have minded a more even split as a two and a half hour flight is a rather grueling ordeal.

      The planes had Wi-Fi, which is awesome, but alas the wireless card on my laptop has not been working so I couldn’t take advantage. It’s still awesome to have though,

      • American Airlines
      if I had the capability I definitely would’ve taken advantage of that.

      They offered complimentary drinks. Snacks were offered, but you had to pay. What was really odd was that they didn’t take cash, it was credit or debit only. I know the dollar’s weak right now, but who doesn’t take cash? I guess they don’t want flight attendants having that much cash on hand, but who mugs a flight attendant on a flight, that’s stupid. Oh well.

      There were two soldiers on my flight back and as it was only a half full flight, there were plenty of open seats. As it turns out, there were some seats in first class and they let them move up. That was pretty cool in my opinion, I give them major points for that.

      The baggage charge thing kinda bugs

      me, I mean most of the flights were pretty well stocked so it’s not like the airline is struggling anymore as it was when they first implemented the system. I know, companies have to make money, but why not just add it to the price of the ticket? I’d prefer that to all these micro transactions.

      That flaw notwithstanding, it’s a fine airline. The staff was courteous and while there were a few setbacks on this particular trip, it was all small potatoes that got taken care of promptly with little hassle. If you’re wondering which airline to pick, I would have no problem recommending this, even though you have to pay to check bags. There are enough amenities that the 20 bucks is almost worth it at the end of the flight so even that is somewhat justified.

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