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Pasay City, Philippines
  • By intently reading the DFAs website, I found the web page for online appointment, divided into two categories

    • by carpediem

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      The year 2009 is a blessing for Filipinos who are about to or currently dealing with Philippine Passport relevant task: application or renewal. The Department of Foreign Affairs has finally joined the bandwagon of utilizing the Internet in their operation, when they launched the online appointment system, a service aiming to address the influx of transaction everyday in their office at Pasay. As part of the new system, the Department of Foreign Affairs is now issuing a Machine Readable Passport (MRP), a maroon passport that can be read by a machine as opposed to the old green passport. These huge efforts served as an early gift for Filipinos yearning for a fast and reliable service.

      The stories I’ve heard in getting a Philippine Passport such as dealing with long queue, chancing upon unscrupulous individuals, and enduring slow service made me anxious in getting a

      Philippine Passport. The inclination of researching, helped me a lot as a student; and once again, researching via online has enabled me to find an easy way of getting a Philippine Passport: reading blog posts of people who share their experience and searching the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs for information.

      By intently reading the DFAs website, I found the web page for online appointment, divided into two categories: DFA MRP Appointment System and DFA E-Passport Appointment System. The former is applicable for new applicants, senior citizens, and applicants needing a passport renewal; whereas the latter only reserves the right for applicants wanting a renewal of their passport.

      There I was staring at the DFA MRP Appointment System web page, when hesitation wrestled with my confidence of DFAs effort. But before the day was over, I managed to register online. And the ...

      • next day I received an e-mail confirming my appointment date and time; request for re-scheduling will not be entertained. Thus, I went early the following day. For those who made an appointment via MRP Appointment System, there are designated areas where to hand over the requirements. Not far from our area, I saw those who didn’t avail the online appointment; I’m not aware how long it will take for them to finish, but I can proudly say that the Appointment System has expedited my passport application.

        The important thing to remember is to complete all the requirements. I was prepared because the website of DFA has a list of all the requirements for various individuals: first-time applicant, minor, Muslim and those renewing their passport. Similarly, one can find and download for free the application form, although you can also obtain it in the DFAs office.

        I decided to download it instead. As I did my part as an applicant, so is the DFA because after giving my requirements I’ve undergone two more procedures: payment and encoding, before I received my claim receipt. These procedures took a little bit longer than the first; nonetheless the entire process takes only about an hour.

        The duration of claiming the passport depends on your type of payment: regular fee will take two weeks before you go back to DFA and claim your MRP, and the expedited fee will only take a week. If you don’t have time to claim your MRP, you could avail the service of a courier company; they will deliver your passport at your place, apparently, for a fee. All in all, the new system with the addition of the courier service is worthy to be applauded and be recommended to others.

    jennifer sarabosing says :

    I`m a mother of 3 kids and I want to get a passport for us. You have an online appointment system and an information to be fillied up. And I believe that I will be scheduled to go to your office. But I`m also applying for my 3 kids. Is My appointment date desame with my kids? Or should I fill-up each of my kids and get each an appointment date? Its really hard to contact all of your inquiry numbers, everytime is not available and busy. I hope you can help me. thank you.
    Jules Li says :

    Jennifer, you will only need to set one appointment date. However, when you go to the appointment you will have to bring the kids as well, unless they’re under the age of 8.
    aiza says :

    hi, how can i process my lost passport. it is due to expire by this year. i am not sure about the exact date. i live in cebu city philippines. pls advice me on what to do? i want to have it replaced and renew at the same time. pls email me what to do at aiza1983[at]
    junmae says :

    First you need to report this in DFA. They will ask you to create an affivait of loss. You may got to any DFA office to have your Passport renewed.
    quick note by anonymous :

    hi.if i go to dfa office to renew my passportm need a appointment letter.
    divinagwapa says :

    As far as I know, there’s no need an appointment letter for renewal. You just need to bring your old passport and some valid IDs to make sure.
    Azriel says :

    you do not need an appointment letter, but you do need to set up an appointment, actually. The DFA’s online site will give you the available slots for the day and then you can choose preferred time for you to show up and bring your old passport with you. If you do not want to set an appointment, as others do, they go to any satellite office and try their luck. If there are less people who scheduled on the day, you can get lucky and be allowed to get in, otherwise the guards are asking for the printed copy of the online appointment system.
    anne says :

    mam/ sir,
    my husband applied for renewal of his passport last night (May 21)how many days we will wait for his appointment in d.f.a?thank you.
    Galega says :

    You may not need any special appointment with DFA for the renewal of your passport. Just bring the old passport and two valid/original ID cards to the department. Your passport can be renewed in a very short span of time.

    You can visit the official website of the Department of Foreign Affairs and choose a preferred time slot (like setting an appointment) and be there with all above mentioned documents.
    simonette marcelyn dg. kashiwabara says :

    how can i apply online renewal of passport and how much?
    MEV says :

    Hi Simonette,

    You can secure a renewal form but cannot apply online. DFA needs your appearance.

    Regular Processing (15 working days) P950.00
    Express Processing (7 working days) P1,200.00
    Azriel says :

    also note that when you go or choose a weekend appointment, all processing for that day is considered as special, hence you will have to pay for the express delivery of P1200. It is pretty reliable, however as every time we set up an appointment, the processing is almost always right on time.
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