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  • Joe Pesci, one of the best comedians there is today, in my opinion
  • I do not believe that you will be disappointed, but if you are all you will have lost is $1.99 and 2 hours of your life

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      One of my favorite movies of all times has to be “My Cousin Vinny.” For anyone who has not seen this movie since it came out in 1992, give it a try. You will find yourself laughing through most of the movie.

      The first thing that drew me to this movie was the cast. Joe Pesci, one of the best comedians there is today, in my opinion. Ralph Macchio, well, I wondered if I could seperate him from his role in the “Karate Kid” long enough to enjoy him in this. Ralph shocked me by being such a great actor that I totally could believe that he and Joe were cousins.

      While Joe Pesci and Ralph Macchio were the reasons for my trying out this movie, Maris Tomei captured my attention and held it. I loved her character of Mona Lisa Vito, otherwise known as Lisa, the fiancee of Joe Pesci’s character, Vincent Gambini. I ended up laughing at her antics as much as I did with Joe’s and

      they made a great pairing.

      The basis of this movie is that two boys making their way across country to attend college happen to stop at a small convenience story in Alabama. While there Billy, the cousin of Vinny, is trying to juggle lots of things as he looks at the prices, trying to get the best deals. He finally picks up a can of tuna and stuffs it into his pocket until he can reach the register.

      However, when he and his friend Stan Rothenstein are checking out, Billy forgets about paying for the tuna and they drive away. A little further down the road, Billy remembers this fact and Stan becomes paranoid, thinking that a small town in Alabama is not a good place to shop lift. Just as they are debating Stan’s paranoia about being hanged by good old boys over a can of tuna, a police officer pulls up behind them and turns on his lights.

      They end up getting dragged into police headquarters where Billy confesses to the crime (thinking it was taking the can of tuna when in reality the store clerk was robbed and killed after they left). By the time Stan (who is being booked for being an accessory to the crime) and Billy realize the mistake it is too late. Stan’s parents are rich but they are off somewhere they cannot be reached, so Billy has to call his poor mother. She suggests their Cousin Vinny, who just graduated from law school.

      The fun begins from there and keeps going through Vinny’s struggles with his first case. Since he does not know court procedures, he keeps getting in trouble with the hard nosed judge who has taken offense to not only Vinny’s wardrobe but his yankee attitude as well. As if that weren’t enough to deal with, Vinny is thrown into jail several times for contempt of court and when he not being bailed out by his worried fiancee, he is losing sleep due to several different things. Each ...

      • My Cousin Vinny
      hotel has something loud that wakes them up in the middle of the night….one with pigs squealing and a train going by very early.

      There are many hilarious scenes in this movie. Here are some of my favorites. When Vinny first visits the boys in jail, Billy is asleep. Stan, who has never met Vinny and is afraid of being someone’s butt monkey, completely misunderstands Vinny and thinks that he is talking about making Stan his boy while in prison when Vinny is talking about defending the boys. The word play and ennuendos in this scene are priceless.

      Another favorite scene is when Vinny confronts a good old boy who refused to pay Lisa for losing at pool while Vinny was in jail. Vinny goes to collect the money that was bet, but the good old boy refuses to give it to him. Vinny messes with him, weighing the possibilities of whether he should or should not kick the guy’s butt. In the end, they agree to meet later.


      court room scenes at the end where Vinny gains confidence and begins to thoroughly interrogate the witnesses and put the pieces together is awesome! And Lisa refusing to cooperate with Vinny at first when he puts her on the stand because they have had an argument and she is still mad at Vinny is great comedy! I loved when the judge, played by former Herman Munster star Fred Gwynne, hears Lisa say, “No. I will not answer any questions. I hate him!” The judge asks if they know each other and finds out that Lisa is Vinny’s fiancee. After that Gwynne deadpans, “That explains it.”

      This is a wonderful, funny movie. It is well written and the actors do a great job of playing their parts. So if you feel like watching something that will make you laugh, rent this movie. I do not believe that you will be disappointed, but if you are all you will have lost is $1.99 and 2 hours of your life.

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