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  • Now, yes he did inherit the problem, however his plan for fixing it has not worked

    • by David Finniss


      I remember during the election almost everyone hailed Barack Obama as THE guy for the job. He was smart, articulate, charismatic, and he had a plan for change. He brought a message of hope and promised to bring both sides together to end the partisan bickering that has been plaguing the political landscape of our country for years.

      The way some talked, you got the idea that Obama represented the second coming, that he was the Kwisatz Haderach.

      He was elected and everyone was hopeful. Then the music died. It’s been about a year now and he hasn’t really done anything. He said he would close Gitmo, but hit trouble when no one wanted to take the depraved sociopaths that the prison held. He pulled troops out of Iraq, but there is still some military presenc there.

      His biggest obstacle has been the lagging economy. Now, yes he did inherit the problem, however his plan for fixing it has not worked. Several months in and he’s still pulling the “eight years of failed policies’ line, sorry, no dice.

      He’s fallen into the typical “tax and spend” Democrat stereotype. When people on the opposing side oppose his ideas, they are called racist or some other derogatory term. Where’s the unification that we were promised. Some opposition is a tad irrational, but there are a lot

      of legitimate points that the left writes off as “those crazy Fox News watching conservatives”.

      His healthcare plan, while well intentioned, won’t do what he wants it to. Apparently, not only is it hella expensive, but it will actually drive up health care costs. I’m willing to give the “public option” a try, but as it is, the plan won’t work. The fact that no one has actually read the bill doesn’t really inspire confidence either.

      Speaking of hella expensive, the man has spent a ton of money. Hot on the heels of Bush’s failed $700 billion plan to boost the economy, Obama passed an $800 billion plan to try and accomplish the same thing. Have either of them worked? Not really. Ok, the dow’s starting to gain steam, but correlation doesn’t mean causality. Even if the two were tied, the increase doesn’t justify the insane amount of tax money used.

      It’s gotten so bad that the white house is actually holding a donation drive to try and raise money to pay off the ginormous know, the one they caused. Ok, it was huge before but he made it worse.

      After all the spending that they’ve done, when it comes to the war in Afghanistan, the one they claimed was “the right war”, they decide to try and be fiscally responsible, saying we can’t afford it.

      • I don’t understand the backlash against that military venture. Iraq, I get, but when we first went in there and took out the Taliban, everyone was more than happy, we were getting the people who attacked us. Now all of a sudden people say that Bush started both wars and that we need to withdraw from Afghanistan as well. Obama is sending in more troops, but it’s well below what the generals needed.

        One of the promises Obama made was that he would improve the status of America in the eyes of the world. This was necessary as the world really, really, really hated Bush. So far, it hasn’t really been working. I can’t fault him for it though, he’s been very contrite and diplomatic, yet the people who hated us still hate us. Again, he’s trying and putting in the effort, but they’re stubborn and cantankerous.

        This is why celebrities should keep their political opinions to themselves. Their herald of utopia hasn’t really panned out. They think it has, Patton Oswalt went out on a limb and declared America “a magical wonderland” now that Obama is in office. Delusional? Yeah, a little.

        Obama hasn’t been a bad president. His economic policy is atrocious, but so far he hasn’t done a whole lot and he doesn’t come close to living up to

        the hype that the left built up behind him. He might get re-elected, though I don’t see it, unless he runs against Palin..there’s a grand choice huh?

        Obama means well. He seems to be operating on the idea of building up the lower level as opposed to feeding the upper level, which at face value would work, but the way he goes about it has drawn some protest.

        He is also a bit of a nerd, being a lifelong Spider-Man fan, so, like Bush, I would gladly have a beer with him and I would have the added privelege of talking comics. Not only that, but I could absolutely pwn the president should we go out to a bowling alley.

        While he has claimed to be a Spider-Man fan, he has yet to comment on “One More Day”, which I have to say is a little disappointing. There’s not even a mention on his twitter page.

        I wanted to believe in Barack Obama. It seemed like he had all the right elements to be a great leader, maybe the pressure was too much, but so far the man has not lived up to the legend everyone said he was. While he has a lot of tough problems to face, his way of fixing them has not really done anything and has, arguably, made things worse.

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