Almay Clear Complexion Concealer, Light
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  • And, unfortunately, that tends to show with dark large circles beneath my eyes
  • So, you dab a little of the brush tip on the problem area (women don't like to admit we get pimples, after all), and blend it in and voila, you should be completely covered

    • by Anasuya

      When I was a young adult, I sadly had issues with skin problems. Sometimes they were pretty severe though, thankfuly, as I got older, it became nothing more than a mild irritation to me. A few breakouts from time to time that were small and annoying and nothing more, but still, we women like to look our best, and I’m always on a mission to make sure my skin looks as smooth and polished and that I look as put-together as possible. And when those breakouts occur, no matter how small and annoying they might be, my mission is intensified a hundred-fold to get myself looking my best regardless. I’ve tried a whole slew of concealers and foundations and various other products including all kinds of lines of skin car products, and I’ve never really found a cure-all, so I’ve settled for a combination of items that work as well as can be expected these days, when things are more expensive yet more cheaply made. Make-up just doesn’t come with the quality that

      it did twenty years ago, and no one can convince me otherwise.

      So, on one of those i’m-on-a-mission-to-look-my-best days, I went to the drugstore to look for a concealer to help me hide some hefty undereye circles. I don’t sleep well. Never have. And, unfortunately, that tends to show with dark large circles beneath my eyes. And, since I’m very pale and blotchy, those dark circles are all the more pronounced and I’m basically a walking corpse until I find something that covers them effectively or gets rid of them alltogether. Since I’m in my 30’s, I have serious doubts anything is going to every truly get rid of them, so it’s my job to make sure they are as unnoticeable as possible. One of the first concealers I tried was the Almay Clear Complexion Concealer, light shade, which has salicylic acid in it, which is used to treat breakouts. So, you dab a little of the brush tip on the “problem area” (women don’t like to admit we get pimples, after all),

      • and blend it in and voila, you should be completely covered.

        Not such a miracle wand as all that, I’m afraid. I have blotchy skin, so to go without a all-over foundation is like waving multiple red blotches in the air with my name written all over them, and this little wand the size of a lipstick tube, just isn’t sufficient to even out my skin tone all-over, though it DID effectively cover the problem areas, as mentioned before. And then the real problem came when trying to find a foundation that would even out the skin tone that I could use in conjunction with the almay concealer, but what I found is that the concealer is very pink in tone, and though it may not be noticeable beneath my eyes, or without any other foundation on with my already blotchy skin, once I put a nice foundation on, this concealer was WAY unnaturally pink and did nothing at all to help my appearance. And, after using it for several days I unfortunately

        didn’t even find that it treated the problem areas very effectively either. Also, when applied, it seems to look a little caked on around the edges. May cover the pimple well enough, but the area is still noticeable becaue it just doesn’t blend well enough to stay incognito. It was a little disappointing, especially since it’s $8 for this tiny little tube that doesn’t go very far at all. Granted, you shouldn’t apply a lot at all, because then it REALLY looks caked on, but even given that a little goes a long way, it’s still not enough product for the price. Over all, I have to give it lower scores than I’d like, because it didn’t treat the pimple effectively (a good line of skin care products does that well enough), and though it covered the pimple, it still looked caked on around the edges of the application because it didn’t blend well. And the shade is very pink, even for the “fair” or “light” colors. Not a very good product. Not even if it was cheaper.

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