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  • The one thing I noticed using this spray in comparison to other sprays, is that it feels like a lot more fluid entering the cavity than the light spray I'm used to

    • by Anasuya

      I have to say, I wasn’t always a fan of the idea of using a nasal spray to treat my allergies and the symptoms associated with them. I’ve always been told the horror stories of addiction and nosebleeds to those who use nasal sprays on a regular or continuous basis, and since I’ve had all of two nosebleeds in my life, this isn’t something I was particularly looking forward to. Even those nasal sprays that claim to be a saline-only solution, and all natural, can still end up drying out the nasal cavity more than one would think. Ironic, considering it’s supposed to help treat dry nasal cavities caused by allergies. And I always suffer from all the symptoms… the runny AND stuffy nose (and if that’s not a dichotomy, then I don’t know what is), and itchy watery eyes, nose and mouth. I’ve learend not many people get the itchiness in the roof of the mouth or insides of the cheeks, but this is the most obnoxious and bothersome

      of all the symptoms I suffer from, because you just can’t scratch the roof of your mouth!

      I’ve tried everything over-the-counter you can imagine, and four or five different prescription medications at varrying levels of dosage, and I have to say that the Over-the-counter stuff isn’t any better or worse than the prescriptions stuff. Sometimes it’s more economical to get the prescriptions if you have insurance, and can get an off brand, but sometimes (as with the case of allegra) there’s on the name brand, and you’re paying the same as you would for an off brand over-the-counter drug that has just as many tablets and dosage per tablet.

      And even though I was slightly hesitant to get involved with nasal sprays on a continuous basis (I have used them in the past), they always seem to be the thing that gives the most immediate relief, especially in the case of the itchy mouth and congestion. So I tried Entsol Spray, Buffered Hypertonic Saline Nasal Spray, which was actually more ...

      • expensive than my prescription spray and not really more solution, so I wasn’t saving any money (in fact, spending more), but if it worked, I was willing to make that sacrifice. The one thing I noticed using this spray in comparison to other sprays, is that it feels like a lot more fluid entering the cavity than the light spray I’m used to. It took a while to get used to the sensation of inhaling that amount of … well.. liquid, essentually, since your body just doesn’t breath liquid except in the womb! And the sensation wasn’t pleasant at all, though I’ve never really liked the feel of sprays to begin with. But, I have to admit, it was effective. I really did feel like I could BREATHE again after using the spray. It leaves a rather unpleasant taste at the back of the throat that will taint any food or drink you ingest for the next hour or so (at least it did for me), but it worked. I
        was immediately relieved to discover that my itchiness was gone completely, and that swollen feeling across the bridge of my nose and high up on my cheeks was minimalized though not completely gone. The directions say you can use it up to six times daily, which is more than most other nasal sprays, especially the prescription variety, and that came in handy. I did have to use all six times every single day, but it kept the symptoms at bay and made the money spent on it worth it. Side effect…. I DID end up getting a bloody nose or two about a week after I stopped taking it, and it was a pretty extreme bloody nose, so prepare for the cavity to be completely dried out by the time allergy season is over. Next time, I’m going to stay away from using it every single day, six times a day, if I can help it, and only use it when the symptoms are at their worst. But I’ll definitely be buying it again.

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