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  • Voyager - Child's Play is an episode that I like to a degree, but have certain problems with
  • The problem I have with this episode is the parents' motives

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      Star Trek: Voyager - “Child’s Play” is an episode that I like to a degree, but have certain problems with. In this episode, Voyager succeeds in locating Icheb’s parents and sets a course for the planet. Icheb is not happy to hear the news as he has come to think of Voyager as his home and he has no recollection of his parents or home world.

      Seven of Nine is clearly distressed by the news as well as she has been supervising Icheb and the other liberated children from the collective since they were rescued. She has become attached to him.

      Captain Janeway feels though it is the right thing to do to re-unite the family. As the episode progresses, both Icheb and

      Seven struggle with the idea of parting and, eventually, Icheb discovers that he wants to stay with his parents.

      Now, the episode excels in believable emotion. Seven challenges the captain more than once because she believes it would be in the interests of Icheb’s safety and education if he remained on Voyager since the boy’s home world has been the target of Borg attacks in the past and it does not have a full-fledged space program, where Icheb’s interests are focused.

      Janeway is firm, but compassionate, and the scenes between Janeway and Seven are the highlights of this episode because it all seems very natural and real what they are talking and arguing about and the emotions that fuel those discussions and arguments,

      • and eventual actions. The problem I have with this episode is the parents’ motives.

        The parents of Icheb and the people that belong to the civilization apparently genetically engineered Icheb to be a biological weapon against the Borg. It was their way of defeating an unstoppable force that had taken so much from them.

        Yet the first time they sent Icheb off to infect the Borg, a time that they lied about and covered to the captain and the others on Voyager, the infection only disabled one Borg vessel. They were going to sacrifice one person to kill off one vessel of Borg? The Borg have countless ships, and could just easily send another.

        The “weapon” makes little sense. That is the part

        of the plot that I do not like and I find that it hurts the overall episode because the plan just is not sensible.

        I did like Voyager rushing to Icheb’s rescue near the end and Voyager’s confrontation with the Borg. I felt Seven’s solution to defeating the Borg vessel was quite clever.

        The CGI was very nicely done as was the action on the bridge, and I felt there was a real sense of tension, danger and urgency conveyed. I pretty much like everything about this episode - expect for the plan that the parents and the others set into motion.

        Overall though, a solidly entertaining story that dabbles in some moral issues, brings real emotions to the surface and delivers a satisfying climax.

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