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  • She couldn’t remember the name of it, but I decided to ask the pharmacist when I went to the drugstore the next time

    • by Jessie Bahrey

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      I have always had a few skin tags on my body, even though I didn’t really know what they were called until recently. They are basically folds of raised skin, and they are benign growths. The one on my neck is a bit embarrassing, but I assumed that unless I had them removed surgically, which I am sure is expensive, I would just have to live with them. A friend told me about a product that you could buy at the drugstore, without a prescription, that would get rid of skin tags. She couldn’t remember the name of it, but I decided to

      ask the pharmacist when I went to the drugstore the next time.

      I asked the pharmacist, and she knew right away what I was talking about. She said it was called Dr. Scholl’s Skin Tag Remover, and it had recently come on the market after being approved for sale, and the advertising had caused many people to be asking her about it. She showed me where it was (it is $35 for 8 treatments), and then she explained a bit about it. She warned me to make sure the growths were not malignant first (I had done so years ago). She also told me that before this product came on the market, there were very few non-surgical treatments available, and if you could find them, they were well over $100. She told me that this liquid has what the company calls Derma-Freeze technology, which is a safe method of making the skin tags dry up and simply flake away in a very short time-and that time varies from person to person. I decided to try it out, hoping that it wasn’t painful and would work quickly.

      I read through the instructions first before I tried it for the first time. It said that most skin tags ...

      • Dr. Scholl's Skin Tag Remover
      are removed after one treatment (so with 8 treatments per package, that is not a bad value). Apparently, medical doctors have approved this item, which is always good news. The package contains an activator which can be used multiple times, and 8 applicators that you dispose of after each use. You simply apply the liquid, and it will make the skin tag disappear painlessly and simply. I followed the instructions and applied it to one skin tag first, just to make sure. It did not sting, but it sort of tingled, but it was certainly not painful. Over the next two days, my
      skin tag dried up and began to shrink, but I did need to use another treatment, and this time, after two days, it was reduced to an almost invisible indentation on my skin. I ended up using this on my other skin tag, and again, although it took two treatments, it really did work. I was impressed!

      Dr. Scholl’s Skin Tag Remover is an inexpensive, simple-to-use medication that safely removes skin tags. Although for me it took 2 treatments, it really worked. But obviously, before using it, you must make sure any growths on your skin are not malignant, so get it checked by a doctor first.

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chris says :

does this product also work on the big skin tags?

Galega says :

Yes, Dr. Scholl’s Skin Tag Removal is suitable for all sizes of tags. You can definitely use it on big skin tags, and it should be effected there.

Susan says :

Have been wanting to try this for months. After read your review I am going to try it on the skin tags on my neck thanks

kad says :

hey i was just wondering if this product works for Moles, Warts

TBee says :

Please NEVER mess with (or treat ) a mole, as it could be a malignant growth, even if it is a mole you’ve had forever. Always let a medical doctor (Dermatologist) remove it. Don’t pluck hairs from moles either, tempting as it may be to do. Treatment by a qualified professional (MD) will get rid of aesthetically displeasing lesion, but only a doctor knows whether further testing and treatment are necessary. Remember, removing an ill-placed mole can make you more confident, but finding out if a malignancy has spread is of vital importance only a doctor can fulfill that requirement. And please everyone, NEVER go to an aesthetician to get any warts, moles, skin tags removed They aren’t qualified to assess medical risk. MDs only for such treatments (no I’m not a doctor, just one who is aware of a couple things someone reading this might not have thought of)

As for warts, I believe it’s less likely that a wart has become cancerous, but an evaluation by a doctor can tell you for sure. Also he may give you advice on OTC treatments you can do at home to save money, you may also end up saving money if you ultimately must get the job done at the doctor’s. I do know from experience that having the doctor zap it (I hated the chemical treatment of warts I had done many years ago) saves a LOT of time he numbed it, debrided it excised it, zapped it with a heavy duty cauterization tool, bandaged it with some neosporin, and in a week it was healed enough to just keep a band aid on it for a few days. PAINLESS except for the initial shot, anyway. Also, if finances are keeping you from treatment, many doctors will set up a payment plan, it’s worth asking. Keep in mind doctors customers are likely fewer than usual in this economy, so they are going to want to work with you. Good Luck.

Mari says :

Hi I`m trying this, my 2nd application now. I think the tags a shrunk a bit, but am experiencing a rash where it was applied around my skin, the area is quite tender. I know for a fact these are skin tags, because I`ve had them removed. I`m hoping it will work, but am starting to doubt it. Did you experience a rash like reaction in the area around the tags when you applied this? First time, it went away in a few days, am hoping it will again. Thanks

melita abbott says :

Hi I have the same problem. I have tried the second time but still there with a red rashy circle around it and now scab of circle peeling but skin tag still there it has not worked for me at all …what can I do about it or what can you do for me…..spent the money for a good name product but shows no results … thanks for reading my concerns

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