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  • Definitely, Firefox is faster than Internet Explorer

    • by RichieMogwai

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      I have been an avid fan of the Mozilla Internet browser, but I only upgraded to the 3.5.5 version on November 19, 2009 because MySpace won’t let me log in successfully until I had done the upgrade. I suspect there’s something going on between Mozilla and MySpace, some secret deal that can mean big bucks.

      I first got introduced to Mozilla Firefox as an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer back in 2006. My fellow technical support colleagues were using it all along, and I just happened to jump the bandwagon. Apparently, a lot of techies out there hate Internet Explorer, and the whole Bill Gates caboodle. Mind you, this Firefox still operates on the Windows

      OS, by the way.

      So take note, Bill Gates and his cohorts might still be monitoring yours and my usage since Windows XP in particular reports daily to the Microsoft gatekeeper via the nifty automatic updates, which are becoming more and more frequent.

      Definitely, Firefox is faster than Internet Explorer. I can say that for sure because when I pull up the latter from my laptop desktop, it takes about two minutes for it to load. Firefox opens up in just five seconds! I wonder why?

      Apparently, there’s a lot of speed algorithms that Microsoft engineers and programmers haven’t caught on with yet, even though they’re making tons of money. Even pictures open up much faster in ...

      • Mozilla Firefox, and of course, videos as well.

        Download speeds are half of the speed that Internet Explorer takes, and I’m comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges. Let me explain: My friend and I are both using Shaw high speed Internet. It takes him half more time to download a 250MB video, come to think of that!

        So my friends, stop wasting your time and switch to Firefox pronto, in case you haven’t done that yet. Time is gold, time is precious and the sooner you can do it the better. Besides, downloading Firefox is so easy.

        And so is upgrading to the latest version. I timed the whole thing and it took

        about two minutes to get the software to upgrade and all. So save yourself some time, folks, switch to Firefox today!

        The latest Firefox is almost the same as the previous version, except that it’s much easier to navigate. To tell you the truth, I’m getting so used to clicking that green button on the top of the screen, the one with the back arrow that helps you go back to the previous page you’re browsing. I have to say this Firefox looks much neater, more organized and easier to use. I’m glad I updated to the new version.

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