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#206 - 4190 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC
  • For me, though, while the unlimited earning potential was tempting, I found that this job was not for me
  • However, this job is great with anyone with experience in sales or even a beginner with the right kind of personality

    • by Shadow Zero

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      Just Energy is a gas marketer company, in which they get customers to pay a fix rate on their gas bill instead of the variable rate. Before I begin the review, I just want to say for the record that this isn’t a scam and the company is a legitimate business with many branches throughout Canada and is slowly expanding internationally.

      I always wanted to try out sales, so this was the job that I had exploring this field. The branch I went to is located in Burnaby, BC. The office is a small one with a friendly receptionist and an outgoing, live regional manager. His energy tends to rub off onto the other sales representatives, making the working environment very fun and relaxed. The job itself, however, is anything but that.

      I went to the office in the morning and then got driven to and dropped off at a random commercial area (an area with lots of businesses). I was told I would get picked up in the evening.

      This was pretty scary and nerve-racking for me, especially since it was the first day on the job. But, the walking portion of the job was no big deal as I could rest or take breaks as much as needed, which is one of the good things about this job. Of course, the hard part of the sales job is being able to convince people to buy your product or service.

      The bad part is that the majority (if not all) of the businesses have already heard of Just Energy or a similar company, including an almost similar pitch line. So, I got turned down very quickly and easily without having to say much, which was very disappointing and quite demoralizing. People will also lie, saying their manager isn’t there or you have to talk to someone from the head office, just so that you’d leave. It hasn’t gotten so bad that some businesses have put up “No Solicitors or Agents” signs on their front doors.

      So, the convincing part ...

      • is the big hurdle of this job; but there are great benefits that will compensate. First off, this is a straight commission job; but the more gas a particular business uses, the bigger the commission. In addition, if you move up on the ranks in the job and manage your own team, you can get commissions off of your team. So, if your team’s good enough, you never really have to work -– a “dream come true” for everyone. Also, filling up a quota qualifies you to go on one of the company’s quarterly trips for free –- this is really a big seller for a lot of people. Other perks include, having your own hours (since you’re a representative of the company and not an actual employee) and getting commission for signing yourself up for the service.

        For me, though, while the unlimited earning potential was tempting, I found that this job was not for me. I had the right amount of energy and was friendly enough, but

        I didn’t have that aggressive, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer kind of personality to be able to do the job effectively. I found myself giving up too easily when business owners and managers told me they weren’t interested. I would also skip any business with those “No Solicitors or Agents” signs. (Some of the other sales representatives who have been doing this job for a while tend to ignore those signs and just go right in.)

        However, this job is great with anyone with experience in sales or even a beginner with the right kind of personality. Just Energy is willing to take anyone –- and I really mean anyone, experienced or not –- who can sit through their two-day orientation. The other sales representatives are very friendly and willing to help and train you so that you can get some sales under your belt. So, if you think this job is right for you, call the nearest branch for an interview. Just remember, though, in this business, “Nice guys finish last.”

    JD says :

    I was very impressed with the review you provided for Just Energy, BC Sales Representative . It was a very well thought out and well written. I am pursuing a long-term career with Just Energy and you`re right about many things you`ve said. For example, I am extremely motivated to go on the trips. In this case, Barcelona, Spain to stay at the Ritz Hotel I recently went to the Bahamas with the company and I`ve also qualified to go to Costa Rica next month I will keep your review in mind in the sense that I will do my very best to prove that Just Energy`s sales representatives can be successful in a fun and compliant manner. I stay away from pushy tactics and the company has clamped down on it but the odd person as you know will stray . I think I can do the career because I find it funny when people are negative towards me in the field and it only makes me work harder and motivates me to close the next sale. I suppose that`s what can make me successful in this gig but we`ll see Thank you again for your review. I personally appreciate your time on it.

    scott jackson says :

    hi i have a current factory job with average salary in decent benefits. i had a call from just energy and was given the invitation but was told that all salary and benefit questions will be answered in the training. just wanted to know if we have benefits, an actual employment contract, base salary? is it a secure job option, im a pretty good sales man, i have a wife and 3 kids. you are the only positive write up i read about just energy…..i need you insiders input buddy. thanks and i appreciate it so much. scott

    you can email me at scott.jack55 yahoo.com

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