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  • It wouldn't actually lead to vomitting, which I think might actually be worse, because then you're just overcome with the sensation of getting sick without the relief you usually feel when you DO get sick

    • by Anasuya

      I’ve never been much a fan of the idea of flying, and it’s only been necessary a couple times in my life because my very best friend lives in Vegas with no intention of moving to my wonderful state of Michigan any time soon, so if and when we see each other it’s because she’s flown out here or I’ve flown out there (usually on her dime). But I never really thought, other than a fear of crashing and burning to death, that I would get motion sickness, but get it I did, and with a vengeance. Then I started to realize that if I was reading in a car, or riding on a hay ride or taking a boat ride, any of these things, I’d suddenly be overcome by a wave of nausea. It wouldn’t actually lead to vomitting, which I think might actually be worse, because then you’re just overcome with the sensation of getting

      sick without the relief you usually feel when you DO get sick. And when my friend asked me to come to Vegas last month for her wedding, I knew I was in for a treat with the flight there, because I was going on a small airline with what I felt were pretty unreliable and rickety planes (I’m pretty paranoid about things like that), and I knew I needed to be prepared ahead of time, and since I’m not one for swallowing pills without the aid of water, and I didn’t want to carry water on with me or pay for it on the flight, I wanted to find something that was preferably chewable or something that would dissolve on the tongue, or even something non-medicinal at all, like a wrist band to prevent motion sickness or something like that.

      But, I didn’t have to resort to a wrist band, and managed to find Bonine motion sickness ...

      • tablets, with a refreshing berry flavor. Don’t let the flavoring fool you though. It still tastes like chalk. It does cause drowsiness according to the bottle, but they claimed it was mild, and I wasn’t thrilled at this possibility except in the case of an over-night flight, but my flight there was mid afternoon and I knew I’d have to get off the plane and head straight out with her for wedding preparations since I only had three days there. I was hoping the drowsiness wouldn’t be severe. I took it per the directions about an hour before the flight, taking two tablets. And I have to say that, although the flight was incredibly packed with turbulence, I really wasn’t that affected by it. Still nervous that I was going to die a fiery death, but at least I wasn’t sick to my stomach on top of it. And, surprisingly, despite the warnings, it didn’t make me
        drowsy at all.

        Since then, I’ve used it on a hayride with my kids. We like to go to the big apple orchard around here and ride the hayride out to the apple grove and pick our own apples and pumpkins and then ride back to the main building for cider and donuts, and normally I end up having to walk the trail instead of riding, but because these tablets worked so great on the flight, I figured I’d take it about a half an hour before we were heading out, and it should be in effect by the time we got there, and I was right! It worked beautifully, and I was able, for the first time, to enjoy a hay ride with my kids, and it was a perfect fall outing for us. Now I’m sure to keep these in my medicine cabinet whenever possible so that they are ready to use when the need arises. Highly recommend.

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