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  • I bought it once after I finished the tube my friend gave me, but I haven't bought it again since

    • by Anasuya

      I’m one of those silly (some might call it stupid) people who thinks that just because something costs more, it must be a better product. Sometimes I’m proven right, and sometimes I’m proven wrong. Okay, most of the time I’m proven wrong, but if I have the money to spend, I’m more likely to spend it on an expensive product that says it will do the same thing cheaper products will do, only better.

      One such product is Traumeel Advanced Relief pain ointment, specifically designed to treat arthrtitis and muscular-related pains. I work in the retail industry, and over the course of the past year I’ve been employed there, the job has been pretty taxing on my body.

      I was unemployed and raising my kids for the seven years prior and, quite frankly, was really out of shape and then I suddenly had to do a job that required a lot of heavy lifting. I’m short too, which means I often over-extend my shoulder in order to reach boxes that are far above me, and I’d be smarter if I just

      had a taller associate get it down for me, but this sometimes isn’t possible, when we are very busy and all the associates are elsewhere dealing with customers.

      I’ve been to the doctor several times about it too, only to be told what I already know, and that the only real solution is physical therapy and time off my job. Since neither of those options is financially feasbile, with insurance or without, I go about my day finding ointments, rubs, and patches that I can use at home and/or at work.

      Most ointments smell too strong for me to wear at work, and the odorless patches don’t work as well. But I still stock up on these things for when I’m at home and have the freedom to use them without worrying whether or not I’m offending anyone with the smell.

      A friend of mine, who has a son in high school football, recommended Traumeel to me, because he uses it when he gets injured playing his sport, and she actually let me have a bottle of it to try out ...

      • (though it’s usually $17 a bottle for a little less than 2 oz. not very much for a very high price, but if it worked, I’d be willing to pay it, seeing as how it’s still cheaper than physical therapy and steroid shots).

        It has like more than a dozen natural products in it like arnica, and I’m always sold on products that use natural ingredients. I typically like the products that have that hot and cold sensation, and this one doesn’t have it, so I was a little doubtful that it was working.

        But, because it doesn’t have that sensation, it also isn’t accompanied by the strong smell those other products have, and I can use it while I’m at work and not be embarrassed about smelling like a medicine cabinet. I kept waiting for the burn and the immediate relief, but it wasn’t there.

        However, after several minutes (maybe ten or fifteen), I simply began realizing that I wasn’t experiencing the pain I was before. I could stretch and reach and swivel and do whatever I needed to do

        and I wasn’t cringing as a result of the physical activity.

        It’s a subtle ointment, but it does work, and it’s especially nice to use before I go to bed, because it relaxes all my tense muscles enough to fall asleep with more ease than I normally would, and my husband isn’t laying next to me complaining that I smell like a left over jockey from a locker room! I’m not sure if it works better than cheaper products like Icy Hot, but the fact it doesn’t smell is always nice, just don’t know if it’s nice enough to have me continuing to pay the $17 for it. I bought it once after I finished the tube my friend gave me, but I haven’t bought it again since.

        I go through it too fast because I use these kinds of products all the time, and though a little does go a long way, it’s still just not enough for the price. If I need an odorless alternative, I’ll stick with a couple other products I’ve tried and found it to be almost as effective.

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