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  • On the other hand, Bush started two wars, especially one that was unnecessary in Iraq all because he wanted revenge for Saddam trying to assassinate his father George H

    • by Alim Kamat

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      I think that George W. Bush was the worst president of all time in the United States of America.

      He left office with the lowest approval rating in history at 21% due to his failed policies that tanked our economy and left the United States in a deficit of trillions of dollars.

      His predecessor Bill

      Clinton did wonders for the United States Economy and he left office with a budget surplus.

      On the other hand, Bush started two wars, especially one that was unnecessary in Iraq all because he wanted revenge for Saddam trying to assassinate his father George H.



      Bush failed in his economic policies in the United ...

      • States as he outsourced a lot of the jobs in this country to China and India.

        In addition, he handled Hurricane Katrina so poorly that so many people were trapped and stranded in New Orleans.

        Bush did a terrible job in making sure that the residents of New Orleans were safe as he did not

        care about their well being.

        He only cared about the rich and strongly neglected the middle class and poor.

        If this website had a zero rating, that is what I would give Bush because of the way he ruined the United States.

        I have never in my lifetime seen anyone as incompetant as George W.


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    James says :

    I don’t like both of them :-), because they both supported and helped Albanian mafia, klling people, human organ black market.
    And those people who did this are not in politics in Europe, supported by US presidents
    Alex F says :

    At least President Bush would reply to Russian aggression appropriately. Obama, just like Cameron and Merkel are afraid of Putin. They are talking about economic sanctions, but how the sanctions suppose to work if Axis of Evil already contains Russia, Iran, China and North Korea?So instead of trading with US and Europe they will trade between themselves.
    Alex K says :

    Do you mean World War III by “reply appropriately” ?
    Alex F says :

    In 1939 that exactly what the politicians told Churchill. If they would do as he said WW2 could be prevented.
    By appropriate response I mean quick overnight deployment of 5-10 war planes, and Marines on borders with Ukraine. Putin will understand that kind of message, trust me
    Alex K says :

    Not sure what politicians do you mean regarding Churchill.

    Re Marines on borders … Oh man, you don’t know Russians. Only total idiot can start war with Russia. Remember such guys : Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler ? They also believed they can.

    Also have to remind you, that 8% of New York population are Russian speaking (just visit Brighton) and no doubt they will not tolerate any aggression against Russia, even they don’t like Putin.
    And there is also North Miami and many many more US cities with Russian speaking inhabitants.

    Last time I crossed Central Park in NY I heard more Russian language, rather than American. Think about it.
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