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  • I find the gamecube version better than the PS2 version as the gamecube version looks sharper in my opinion
  • Overall, I think the gameplay overhaul gave way to a better game experience
  • I consider the major changes to be major improvements

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      The Resident Evil franchise was given a makeover with the release of Resident Evil 4. In terms of story, it remains faithful as it follows the life of Leon, the main protagonist in part 2. But in terms of gameplay, it seems to be a totally different game. First off, the fixed camera, fixed room third person view is gone. With the previous installments, we get a room or a portion of some area and we move our character around that area. When we move to another room or another part on that area, we get another fixed room or a different angle of the same location. Now, we get a first-person like view in a sense that we follow Leon’s back and shoulder. Once you aim, you can point your gun anywhere in the screen. We also get to play with the camera as we can look around first person view style. This huge change really made the gameplay a few levels higher than its predecessors that I will discuss a bit later.

      Even with the changes with the gameplay mechanics, it is still our well loved Resident Evil game that gives us the survival horror theme. The zombies this time are not really zombies, they are more like villagers under the control of some crazy villain. This time, they do not just walk slowly towards you. They can run and gang up on you. In short, they are way smarter than your average zombie probably because as mentioned earlier, they are not really undeads but they are under control. Aside from that, they also carry

      hand weapons such as axes and pitch forks. Some of them even throw axes and dynamites.

      In terms of graphics, the character, zombie and monster details look really good. If you get close to the zombies, they look ugly and scary. Boss monsters are also highly detailed as they look really gross. The environment and level design are also very well made as you can explore most parts of each level. I did not get a sense of monotony with the levels as you get different types of environments to explore. As with horror games, we get a bit of blood and gore with this one. I find the gamecube version better than the PS2 version as the gamecube version looks sharper in my opinion.

      What I loved most with this installment is the major improvement with the gameplay. As it is now in a somewhat first person view, when you aim your gun, you can point it anywhere. With the earlier versions, you only get to shoot enemies straight, high or low. With the new mechanic, you get to shoot your enemies anywhere. What’s better is that, the enemies will respond differently depending on which part you shoot. Aim at their arm, and they will drop what they are holding. Aim at their head, you get a headshot which may blow their head up. Aim at their leg and they will be on their knees or hit the floor. This mechanic also opened up the concept of certain enemies and bosses to have weakpoints that you need to accurately aim at. Overall, I think the ...

      • gameplay overhaul gave way to a better game experience.

        Another improvement that we get from the previous installments is that we are now able to upgrade our weapons. As with the other RE games, we pick up different weapons as we progress through the game. We have a few variety of handguns, a few types or shotguns (my favorite), a couple of machine guns and of course, our good friend rocket launcher. Another weapon type that took advantage of the new game mechanic is the sniper rifle. Yes, we get a sniper rifle and we get to aim with it with a scope and crosshair. Cool, right? This time, we can power up our weapons’ firepower, firing speed, reload speed and ammo capacity. Upgrading can dramatically change the outcome of your game. I find this really fun and rewarding as I can really feel that my shots are more powerful. Increasing the ammo capacity seems dull at first but when being hounded by several zombies at once, not having to reload your gun at the wrong time is a real life saver. Aside from the main weapons, we have a knife as the secondary weapon. This is used to break barrels and cut some other stuff. It can kill zombies but it will take a heck of a lot of slashes. We also get a few types of grenades that help big time in killing off those zombies. My favorite is the flash granade.

        The attache case system is another thing that I liked with this game. Your items and weapons are stored in your attache case

        using a grid system. To simplify, a grenade occupies 2 boxes (1 x 2) of your case while your gun gets 6 boxes (2 x 3). Depending on the size of your case, you can carry a specific amount of weapons and items. You do not get any sort of deposit box so whatever you carry with you is all you have. You will find yourself running out of space to pick up items so a bit of careful planning will help. This adds to the survival element theme of the game and it works really well for me.

        Another additional feature that adds more fun factor in the game is that we get a to pick up gold and go treasure hunting. A merchant shows up in certain areas which sells weapons and health items. The merchant also buys your treasures so you get more funds. The funny thing is, he does not sell ammos! Yes, he sells weapons but he does not sell ammo. Weird, huh? Well, I think this helps preserve the survival element of the game.

        After you finish the main game, you get a short extra which adds more value to this already great game.

        Overall, the game is simply outstanding. I consider the major changes to be major improvements.

        In summary, here are my notes: - From third person, RE4 is now in semi-first person view and you get to aim and shoot at anywhere.

        - Zombies are faster and smarter this time around.

        - Huge bosses.

        - A lot of upgradable weapons.

        - Treasure hunting and collecting on the side.

        - Great game, recommended to any gamer, even if not an RE fan.

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