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Reviewer: Joel Desjardins

  • But the real problem of the situation is how tricky this is going to be, particularly his decision to give iraq their freedom

    • Well, the first thing I should admit here is that I am not a Bush fan, in any way shape or form. I have many facts that come from good, dependable sources, but there are some that are a bit shakier. I will share those suspicions, but please understand that I’m not completely baseing my dislike for his policies for things I’ve read in tabloids. For one thing, his handling of the Iraq situation. Not the best way to go about things. For one thing, I’ve heard that said war is sending the U.

      S. one billion dollars deeper into National Debt per day. Two, people are dying out there, be they American or otherwise, and the longer he remains there, the more problems arise. But the real problem of the situation is how tricky this is going to be, particularly his decision to give iraq their freedom. Generally, freedom by its nature should be chosen,

      not forced upon a nation by strength of arms.

      If the latter occurs, then a lot of people who feel unsatisfied with the way things are currently going will hang around, nibbling at the country’s heels forever. More than that, though, what happens when the Iraq government, newly formed, asks the U. S. to withdraw their troops? On the one hand, the old saying ‘when the cat is gone, the mice go back to war’ arises, meaning that when the U. S.

      leaves, the people who are unhappy with things are going to get really, really bloodthirsty. On the other… what if Bush refuses to withdraw? For their own protections, of course. Things will get a bit strained between the U. S. and their liberated herd.

      Bush already went beyond the U. N. ’s authority in his attack, and that means that he’s willing to bend the rules if it means his greater good. Whether it is indeed the greater ...

      • good is more philosophical than anything. For all we know, he might refuse to step down after the maximum two terms of office.

        Again, for the ‘greater good. ’ Another problem; in one of his great, Crusader-style speeches, he said, essentially; “You’re either with me or you are with the terrorists. If you are with the terrorists, you burn in hell. ’ Quaint. Furthermore, the U.

        S. apparent decision to fall more and more into a theocracy. Evolution being banned from schools in favour of the thought that we were dropped to the Earth, prepackaged. Now, I have no problems with any kinds of religion under normal circumstances, but when the fundamental choice of what you want to learn of gets taken away, that is a step towards tyranny… something that Bush apparently hates, no?

        Furthermore, take his reaction to the flood disaster that hit just recently. I heard word that, when the president had been first informed

        of the flood that hit, he had been at a school reading to children.

        Commendable. But his reaction to the news (aka, none, he just started reading once more) leaves a bit to be desired. Time was of the essence in that situation, and he could always have taken a rain check on the reading. He’s President, after all, prioritize, prioritize. Take the fact that he is gutting more than one environmental law (such as allowing exploratory mining in national parks and removing some hunting bans on endangered animals) and the trifle that says that the State of Texas had a landslide vote for him because he was ‘the kinda guy you can sit on the porch and have a beer with’ (seriously, alchohol and control over nukes is not a good combination) and all-in-all I really do not like the guy’s methods, or the results of such methods.

        People cry out for peace, an end to the war, but he’s starting to show some dictator colors of his own.

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