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  • I know Hal's there as we see him later in Day of Despero
  • They learn their lesson and agree to settle for a tie

    • by David Finniss


      The episode opens with Batman on Oa. He and Kilowog have brought in a new prisoner. Guy looks to see that it’s a cute little alien. He, in typical Guy fashion, goads the little creature before pouring some water on him. As it turns out, this is a species that you’re not supposed to get wet. I wonder if you can feed them after midnight. Anyway, the monster grows and it’s up to the Corps to stop him. Guy actually proves himself to be a capable GL, pummeling the monster and dropping heavy things on him before the monster pins him against the wall. Batman, of course, saves the day and clean up duty is left to Guy. It was cool to see some of the lesser GL’s like Ch’p and Katma Tui, but cameos by Jordan, Kyle and John

      would’ve been cool too. I know Hal’s there as we see him later in Day of Despero. Oh well.

      The official episode starts with a prison outbreak. Batman and Green Arrow arrive on the scene. They stop all the prisoners, but it’s clear that they have a bit of a competitive streak. The banter between the two is amusing. It comes down to a tie and they see one more prisoner trying to escape. The prisoner deflects both of their attacks and then transports them to the middle of nowhere.

      The man reveals himself to be Merlin, and he has transported them back in time to help save Camelot from Morgaine Le Fey. They way Merlin says Morgaine’s name is weird. He says it with a hard A which is very jarring. It turns out they need Excalibur to save Camelot ...

      • and one of them is the one who is worthy.

        Morgaine sees this and sicks Etrigan on them. It’s a nice nod to continuity and seeing Jason Blood was a nice surprise.

        Merlin says that Batman is the one who is worthy, which vexes Ollie to say the least. When they come upon a pair of ogres, each takes down, only for Merlin to credit Batman for the victory. I know they’re competitiveness is shown to be a bit childish, but I’d be annoyed with that too. They each contributed, the least Merlin could’ve done was give GA some credit.

        Morgaine appears and, rather than try to stop them, she enslaves Batman and plans to take Excalibur for herself.

        A battle ensues and Morgaine even transforms into a dragon. It seems like GA is down for the count, but Merlin

        manages to free Batman before he can grab Excalibur. It turns out he isn’t the one as the sword is still stuck in the stone. Of course, GA is fine and they win the day together.

        Merlin says that they’ll both be knighted only for Ollie’s cockiness to get in the way. The two bicker and Merlin sends them back to the present. They learn their lesson and agree to settle for a tie. In a perfect subversion, a bank robbery is announced and the two race off to get there first with Batman even admitting that it was juvenile.

        It was an enjoyable episode. Batman and Green Arrow play well off of each other and you can’t go wrong with Arthurian stories. We see how Etrigan was freed and we get to see Batman and Green Arrow fight a dragon.

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