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  • This episode is definitely eerie at times, especially when Rattrap is moving through the flooded corridors of the Maximal base

    • by GenesisOne

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      Beast Wars - Changing of the Guard is an excellent episode - in part, because it is an episode of the series that does something quite different and it does so very well. This is one of two episodes in the series that takes place, partly, underwater. Rattrap is sent on an underwater mission by Optimus to recover a critical piece of computer software that relates to the defensive systems from the Maximal base, half of which sits underwater.

      Blackarachnia is the one that designed the submarine, which of course prompts sarcasm and criticism from Rattrap since he does not entirely trust her yet. The underwater scenes convey a sense of trepidation and, at times, panic, through the use of appropriate music and Rattrap’s

      facial reactions and verbal remarks.

      Rattrap does not like the idea of being underwater, but he was the only Maximal small enough for the submarine and to know his way around the Maximal base. This episode is definitely eerie at times, especially when Rattrap is moving through the flooded corridors of the Maximal base.

      The eeriness culminates first with the sudden appearance of a large eel, and later, the fast approaching figure of Rampage who practically succeeds in crushing the submarine but is stopped by Depth Charge. The two engage in an underwater battle that is animated quite nicely and takes into account that both Transformers are fighting in an environment that is very different from land.

      The episode also manages to inject some ...

      • comedy with the action as Inferno and Waspinator attempt to swipe what Rattrap has recovered. It is an entertaining back and forth, with each side, at times, being in possession of the computer software.

        In one of the few instances if the series, the Maximals actually are not victorious in their mission and the Predicons succeed in returning the software to Megatron - which allows the Predicon commander, for the first time, to enable an energy shield around the Predicon base. While this episode might make it look like a big event, surprisingly enough, the shield will never actually be used, save one episode where it fails due to a power disruption.

        Thus while the episode does not actually contribute in any way or

        impact later episodes, it is nonetheless entertaining and it offers a story that is fresh for a show that is in its third season. I also like that this episode continues the friction that has been present since Blackarachnia joined the Maximals and Depth Charge was introduced.

        Rattrap clearly does not get along with either of them and it is entertaining to watch him clash with the two. This episode is significant somewhat to Depth Charge, since this is the first episode where he demonstrates that he is at least willing to assist the Maximals as it was him who decided to head off and help Rattrap and Silverbolt after Rampage had gotten away from him.

        It is a small piece of character development, but character development nonetheless.

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