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  • In the whole episode what actually was the most interesting was Windy’s role
  • I like this episode because it was about loyalty and friendship

    • by lorelai

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      In the last episode Chris and Ray got shot but McManus who wanted to revenge for arresting his sister. Sam was working undercover in his gang. The episode starts when the ambulance brought Chris and Ray to the hospital, Ray is conscious but Chris is bad wounded. I must say that Ray’s acting is pretty bad, he has stomach full of bullets but it doesn’t even hurt him when he tries to get up and when he wants to show that the wounds hurt he shows it pretty unbelievable. Lu and Sam arrest one of the members of the gang and they beat him up because they want him to tell them where McManus is. Ray comes to the precinct, yeah right he just got shot directly into his guts and he walks and he is able to work like nothing happened.

      Late that night Sam goes home, when he is about to unlock the door his crazy neighbour Windy stops him and asks him to play checkers. He is not for it in the beginning but he accepts. That night someone has killed McManus. 1-2-5 detectives investigate the case, although Ray is not very willing to work. When Lu, Sam and Ray come back to the precinct they find FBI agent Frank

      Morgan waiting for them, he’s been sent to resolve the McManus murder case.

      Morgan thinks that someone from the precinct killed him. Dr. Clifford Dorset arrives; he claims he saw Sam kill McManus. Morgan and the other detectives go to search Sam’s apartment and they find a gun. Sam talks to Windy and asks her to confirm his alibi but when Morgan arrives to her apartment there’s nothing there, no furniture, no Windy.

      Sam is in the cell, he is not sure if he killed McManus or not, if Windy exists or not, if he is crazy or not. Lu arrives and brings him some Chinese food. He believes Sam is not a killer; he wouldn’t be so stupid to hide the gun in his closet. Sam finds the key of the cell in the Chinese food. Lu goes to spend some time with Chris who is in coma in the hospital, he wants to know where Sam is but Lu makes fun of him telling him that Sam turns invisible when he sleeps.

      Sam goes to talk to a member of a gang who mentions something about Aries Toy Company. Sam calls Annie to check the company out, and they meet in the park. Sam thinks that the company is a cover up.

      • Morgan followed Annie and he almost catches Sam but Ray appears and gives him a ride to the Aries Company. Morgan questions Annie and she says that Sam didn’t kill McManus; she thinks someone from the Aries Company did because McManus hijacked one of their trucks.

        Sam and Ray arrive to the address where the company is supposed to be and they find a bar there, the bartender is Fr. Clifford Dorset. They question him, he got paid by someone to come to the precinct and say that he saw Sam kill McManus. Morgan arrives and points a gun at Sam’s back. Sam wants to know what McManus saw and why Morgan framed him.

        Morgan talks to him as if he was the one who was calling him, as he was the part of the organization that was planting little machines into human brains and sent Sam back to the past. He knew all about Sam’s hallucinations and history, he wants Sam to jump from the roof in order to go back to 2008. Sam doesn’t know what to believe. Lu and Ray arrive and they arrest Morgan. As Morgan confessed everything to Sam he wants Sam to jump to he still tries to talk him into jumping but Annie comes to the edge

        with him and talks him out of it.

        Chris comes out of coma and everything is back to normal. It was a very dynamic episode full of action. Usually in this kind a shows when a new character appears you are 99% sure that he/she will be the bad guy in the end. Well that’s what happened here too. In the whole episode what actually was the most interesting was Windy’s role.

        She is Sam’s neighbor, a hippy girl who comes and goes, she appears in Sam’s life from nowhere and she has rather philosophic way of seeing the life. In this episode we even wonder if she is just a fruit of Sam’s imagination or if she really exists. Although her apartment was empty when the detectives wanted to question at the end of the episode she knocks on Sam’s door and tells him that her boyfriend took out all the furniture. So, even if we ignore the unlikely part of this explanation, she appeared again when Sam was alone and when nobody could confirm her existence. This show is all about false beliefs, unknown and confusion and by giving to Windy the dimension of doubtful existence the producers have tried to add some more confusion in the whole story.

        I like this episode because it was about loyalty and friendship.

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