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  • I know, they did that to explain how a ton of zombies turn up, but I don't think this should've been confined to one episode
  • The biggest problem was that they had to wrap it up in an hour

    • by David Finniss


      You can’t go wrong with zombies. There’s just something about them that work, even when it’s greatly flawed. These are more of the “rage zombie” ilk as opposed to the slow walking dead. Seeing the latter would’ve been cool, but this works too.

      The change is caused by a virus released by Zod. It’s airborne, which I found odd. Actually they weren’t clear, the only people who really turned were the ones who got bitten, but then they said something about going to sleep. I would’ve stuck with the simple biting causing the change. I know, they did that to explain how a ton of zombies turn up, but I don’t think this should’ve been confined to one episode.

      The biggest problem was that they had to wrap it up in an hour. I would’ve made this the arc

      of the season. I would’ve had Clark discover Zod and put him back in the phantom zone, before he is imprisoned, he’s able to unleash this horror on the world. That’s what leads to the apocalyptic visions that Lois had. The rest of the season would be trying to take back Metropolis from this infected horde.

      I would also restrict the use of a cure, sure come up with some to turn Lois and Tess back, keep a little on reserve for emergencies, but I would’ve had it be limited. Ollie would see that there are some things that even Clark can’t handle by himself. He snaps out of his funk and dons the Green Arrow costume once again. Not only that, but a threat this big would require back up from every character who’s appeared: J’onn, Zatanna, Black Canary, Flash,

      • Aquaman, and Cyborg. It would be a season long war between super heroes and zombies. It probably wouldn’t top the awesomeness of “Blackest Night” but it would be a good start.

        But that’s all irrelevant. The episode is enjoyable, though fairly predictable at points. They went with the teaser happening near the end and flashing back. I’m kind of sick of that format, I don’t know why you couldn’t just have a teaser where some unknown person gets attacked by one of the early infected. It would’ve been just as effective and we would’ve been surprised when Lois got infected. As it was, we knew she was going to turn eventually so there was no suspense.

        It seems their turning Zod into the big bad this season, though I’m sure they will, I hope they don’t botch it like they

        did with Doomsday. I’m a bit confused though, Zod was in the Phantom Zone, so how did he get to Kandor? I don’t know, I’m sure they’ll provide some explanation at some point.

        Clark and Lois had some nice moments. Durance continues to be a darn good Lois Lane. Her performance is consistently one of the highlights of the show. I was against bringing her in at first, but now I’m glad that they did.

        I say this episode probably could’ve been better, but it entertained me for an hour. They were limited by budget and time so they couldn’t do everything. This time the final fight wasn’t so much of a let down as I wouldn’t expect zombies to be able to hurt Clark, actually I was surprised zombie Lois dished out as much punishment as she did.

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