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  • I also recommend having either Spider-man or Iceman on your team, maybe even both
  • It's probably a coincidence, but the resemblance is definitely there

    • by David Finniss


      I was both excited and unsure about this game. The character selection wasn’t as impressive as the first and the idea of using the “Civil War” arc didn’t seem as effective. People complained about the first game’s story, I actually liked it. It was a pretty epic game.

      We rented this and have played it for the past couple of days. It is actually pretty enjoyable. The game is only loosely tied to the first, Doom is still dead, which pleased me, but beyond that there’s little mention of the events of the last game. I don’t know if it follows up on Black Widow’s subplot or the reveal from the end of the last game. I read that Galactus’ revenge occurred sometime between the first and second game, which is pretty lame if you ask me. I wanted to

      see that.

      I wasn’t sure how the character selection would work, as it turns out you can still pick whatever hero you want and join whatever side you want. There are a few characters who are locked in (cap can’t be pro-reg and Iron man can’t be anti-reg) but aside from those six or so, you can play as whoever you want.

      The graphics are a little better in some regards and worse in others. The gameplay graphics are better, but the cutscenes are worse. What happened to Nick Fury? He looks off somehow.

      Like the previous game, you can pick up all sorts of supplemental material, there are training simulations to level up and there are trivia questions as well. Unlike the first game, both players have to answer and you have a time limit.

      They put a lot of focus on ...

      • lesser known characters. This is good in a way as it gets them exposed, but on the downside, I have no clue who a lot of them are. The first game created a balance between the high end villains and the lower tier ones.

        Each level starts with a mission briefing, which is a pretty cool effect. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the first one. The fusion attacks are one of the main selling points and while they’re cool, they are all a bit similar to each other, but that can’t really be helped.

        The powerup system is a bit more complicated, I preferred the first game’s version. However, you can set it to autospend points so you don’t need to worry about that. There are coins, but we haven’t gotten far enough into the game where they

        come into play.

        There are a lot of minions to fight. They swarm on you so you’ll need to use those fusion attacks whether you find them redundant or not. I also recommend having either Spider-man or Iceman on your team, maybe even both. Both characters have attacks that can render enemies immobile while also causing damage. This will make fighting off the oncoming armies a bit easier.

        I also thought that some of the soldiers looked like skinny versions of Master Chief. It’s probably a coincidence, but the resemblance is definitely there.

        If you liked the first game, you’ll like this one. It’s the same sort of action packed button masher. Being a DC guy myself, I hope that they release a sequel to Justice League Heroes, but this will keep you entertained for several hours.

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