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  • Richard Gere and Debra Messing play a happily married couple, John and Mary Klein, who have an accident on the road as they swerve to avoid hitting something right in front of them on the road with glowing red eyes

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      This movie has been around for a few nears now but I only just watched it recently and all I knew about the Mothman was from Youtube videos which seemed really unbelievable and usually look fake. Before I watched the movie I read a bit on the real story which the movie is based on. The movie is based on a book from 1976 by paranormal expert John Keel who investigated the many strange occurrences reported in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, by over 100 local residents during 1966-1967. There was an abnormal flurry of reports of various paranormal sightings during this period including not only sightings of the so-called Mothman, a name the media gave the large humanoid creature with wings and red eyes, but many UFO sightings and other strange anomalies. This Mothman supposedly predicts disastrous events and telepathically connects with people, such as the collapse of the Silver Bridge which killed many people. It all sounded a bit crazy but

      something strange must have been going on and, who am I to say all 100 people were making it up – I have seen a UFO myself!

      I only had a brief look at the supposed real events of 66-67 and it seems that the film has missed out a lot of the other details such as the UFOs and concentrates on the Mothman himself, and I suspect the film has made up certain details as well, and it is set in the present day. Richard Gere and Debra Messing play a happily married couple, John and Mary Klein, who have an accident on the road as they swerve to avoid hitting something right in front of them on the road with glowing red eyes. Mary is injured and in hospital she suddenly shouts out that there is something wrong with her. She actually is referring to an undiscovered tumour she has which quickly kills her. This is the first premonition in the movie.

      • It turns out that before she died she was drawing pictures of what someone in the hospital describes as angels, but they were actually sketches of the Mothman with his large wings. The connection we are supposed to make is that the Mothman had shown her the future, her deathly tumour.

        The movie cuts to 2 years later when Gere’s character, John, is traveling in his car, apparently blacks out and finds himself 400 miles in the wrong direction at Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The town is being plagued by these strange Mothman sightings and premonitions. I admit I did not quite grasp why the Mothman should have brought John to Point Pleasant as the incident he experienced with his now dead wife was hundreds of miles away and I was a bit confused about this. Why did he want John to come to Point Pleasant?

        When he gets to the town, he befriends the local sheriff played by Laura Linney, after

        being initially mistaken for a paranormal entity which shows just how paranoid the town has become. A local resident is freaked because he claims John has turned up in exactly the same way for the last 2 nights and this turns out to have been a premonition. Constant premonitions about events has thrown the residents into turmoil, and the film climaxes with the predicted collapse of the Silver Bridge, a bridge which really did collapse at the time.

        The film is dark and we usually just see the glowing red eyes of the Mothman instead of some computer animated creature so that was one good thing. I personally found that it dragged a bit and did not really keep my attention. The film is not scary at all but many people say they find this film creepy but I did not particularly. Richard Gere’s acting is perfectly good but something did not gel with me and I could barely keep my attention on the story.

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