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  • I confess I bought the Globe Tattoo Wireless (Mobile) Prepaid Broadband because the stores had run out of Smart Bro Prepaid counterpart
  • I was too lazy to go to another mall to find one so I decided on buying Globe Tattoo
  • What I like Globe Tattoo is a USB stick modem that you plug into a USB interface in your CPU or laptop
  • This is a very convenient way to surf the Internet, especially if you're mobile or if your broadband/cable/dial-up connection suddenly conks out
  • That means for every Internet session from 1 second of connection to 15 minutes will cost P5

    • by Heloise

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      I confess I bought the Globe Tattoo Wireless (Mobile) Prepaid Broadband because the stores had run out of Smart Bro Prepaid counterpart. I was too lazy to go to another mall to find one so I decided on buying Globe Tattoo. The area where I live has a better Smart reception than Globe, so I bought the Tattoo without really expecting a lot. It costs P1,895 and comes with 5 hours’ worth of free surf time.

      What I like Globe Tattoo is a USB stick modem that you plug into a USB interface in your CPU or laptop. This is a very convenient way to surf the Internet, especially if you’re mobile or if your broadband/cable/dial-up connection suddenly conks out.

      Setup is done automatically. Once my computer has detected the

      hardware, the application simply opened. I just clicked on ‘connect’ and was surfing in seconds.

      Since the Tattoo is prepaid, I only pay for the time I surf, provided I follow their charging guidelines. Reloading is easy — I can share load credits from my cellphone or purchase Globe Call and Text cards or Globe Load. Frequently, I use Share-A-Load because I only use the service for a few hours anyway.

      So how well did my surfing go? Like I said, I didn’t expect a lot because first off, Tattoo is a wireless service and while I can get good signals from time to time, it’s not something I can expect every time. I find this a very convenient way to surf the Internet, though, and works well if I ...

      • need a signal to browse sites, check my e-mail, open attachments, view pics and even chat using my YM account.

        What I don’t like I get intermittent signals inside the house and there are parts of the house where signals are worse, such as my sis’ bedroom and the kitchen. If I use the modem in my room, I have to be near the window. Outside the house, the reception is much improved — not perfect, but way better.

        Because this is a wireless modem, signal is also bad during days when weather is less than the ideal. The intermittent signals are also problematic cost-wise because of the way Globe Tattoo charges for time spent connected to the Web.

        Globe Tattoo charges P20 per hour, provided I surf non-stop within that time — that’s P5

        for every 15 minutes I go online. That means for every Internet session from 1 second of connection to 15 minutes will cost P5.

        If I go beyond 15 minutes, I get charged another 5 bucks, regardless of whether I completed the session or was online for only 2 additional minutes. If I disconnect and reconnect within the 15-minute session, however, I only get charged P5 for it. To continue surfing, I need to have at least P5 in load credits.

        Would I recommend it? Yes, provided you live in an area where Globe signal is strong or at least, decent. If you don’t, you’ll be disappointed. If you travel a lot or just want an Internet connection that’s convenient, the Globe Tattoo may just be a good buy for you.

    Ahmeds says :

    Why does my Globe Tattoo Wirebroadband saying this… ERROR 619 What does this mean and why i can`t connect to internet? what would i do?
    MEV says :


    I have encountered one of those. Try to Unplug your broadband and plug it again.
    Galega says :

    That is a problem with your VPN. You need to uninstall (or, if you wish, reinstall it again).

    Error 619 mainly happens when we try to connect to a VPN on Windows Machine. This error pops up when an active VPN suddenly gets disconnected from the VPN server or when the computer is attempting to establish a new connection to the VPN server.
    heloise replies :

    Hi, thanks for your question. There are possible solutions to that and while it`s inconvenient and can be frustrating, you will just have to try them to find a solution. You could - try other places in the house office you might not be getting a good signal - unplug the usb and plug then try connecting - try to uninstall Globe from your computer and reinstall it again. - check if the profile is `pre-paid` if you`re using pre-paid and `post paid` if you`re using post paid, then restart. - check with globe if there is a problem with the connection in your area. - check the light indicator on your Globe tattoo usb. It`s that small round dot that`s green or blue. If there`s no light, pull it out and insert it in another usb port on your computer, then try again. - check your proxy settings by clicking on Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings and uncheck `Use a proxy server for your LAN`. If all else fails, contact a Globe customer rep. They can help you solve your problem but be patient. Good luck and I hope you get your signal back.
    nate says :

    can i upgrde my old globe tatto bordbnd to the new one?
    MEV says :

    Hi Nate,

    Yes you can. However, you need to pay for your new broadband. Price depends on how strong the connection of the internet.
    Galega says :

    All telecom operators and ISPs give option to users to upgrade when there is a new technology. They will obviously not want to lose their existing users. Globe Tattoo isn’t any exception. You can definitely upgrade to a new and latest broadband technology available from them. Just to talk to their customer care executive and he will guide you. Remember, you may need to pay extra for the same.
    heloise replies :

    Hi nate, thanks for your question. I believe you can upgrade your Globe wireless Tattoo. Go to the globe tattoo website and look for the link on the upgrade so you can download the firmware. Read the instructions carefully and then follow it.
    neil aldrin says :

    if globe tatoo broadband can use also in a desktop computer?
    MEV says :

    Hi Neil,

    You can use it on any desktop computer. Just plug it at the USB, download the software and connect the internet.
    Galega says :

    Why not? A broadband connection is mainly meant for laptop/PC users. You can connect it through USB, or use router to access internet through Globe Tattoo broadband.
    Danield says :

    How can we increase the globe signal is there an antenna available to do this ? and if so where can we get one from thanks
    Jules Li says :

    This would depend on which mobile broadband device you have. However, most models do have this capabilities. You should look at the specifications to be sure.
    Galega says :

    Yes, there is antenna available to enhance the signal strength. You can also consider updating your router with the latest hardware and software to make it possible. The location of router also matters which you can judge by trial.
    heloise says :

    to neil aldrin yes, you can use globe tattoo wireless broadband on a desktop computer provided it has a USB connection.
    heloise says :

    to danield there are ways to increase your globe tattoo wireless broadband (prepaid version). you could try changing the settings, particularly the network type (choose 3G and `All Bands`, then click ok). I also came across several ways to increase the speed but I must confess I haven`t tried any of these. One is by using an extended USB cable and plugging your Globe USB stick to it while surfing another is to position reflective shiny materials so they face the stick (the idea is to `bounce` the signals to the stick and make them stronger). You could also try using an Internet signal booster which can be bought from computer supplies stores. Hope this helps.
    Elmer Catapang says :

    I have this Globe Tattoo, we are in Urban areas where there is a good signal strength for every ISPs. But still my connection is intermittent, also when chatting through YM, voice call always allow me 15-20s then cut. Not only one time, but always. It was disappointing because even we are in areas with good signal strength, this tattoo is still intermittent. Do you have any idea recommendations to fix this issue.
    divinagwapa says :

    Intermittent connection really does suck It’s one problem I wish never to deal with when it comes to my internet connection. Anyway, I think one way to address is your problem is to keep calling Globe hotline and find out what’s the real problem. If that seems hopeless, make sure to request for a supervisor, set-up a tech visit and may be replace the modem too.
    Galega says :

    Unstable internet connection is the reason why you are not able to talk through messenger. There are now technology which allows to keep the call intact - for both video and audio - in this case. Still, it is better to understand the reason. If it is happening at a certain times, say in the evening, then more often than not, congestion in the wireless network is the reason. If it is happening all the times, then you need to talk to the technical team and see if they can handle this issue.
    God of Entropy says :

    Globe Tattoo Broadband sucks. I get disconnected consistently. This is a NO-NO. User should only get disconnected when user says so. Also, in the crappy Globe Tattoo Broadband control panel cum e-mail client, the number of minutes left on your load should be there on the connection tab. Instead of having to sms yourself.
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    Hi God of Entropy. You can try these and see if it will help. Try using a different usb port in your computer. make sure that your computer has no virus/malware. Switch the network mode from one signal type to another and check which will work. look for a place in your house which has better signal strength.Upgrade your internet device. You also have to put into consideration that wireless internet is not stable. Hope this helps.
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