Erace Undereye Concealer
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  • I love Erace because the color is brighter and it does a much better job at concealing my undereye circles
  • When I found out, I went out and bought my own tube of this wonderful cosmetic
  • The Erace wasn't greasy and the best thing about it was it didn't crease at all
  • I think what she really meant was that I didn't have my dark circles anymore
  • I highly recommend Erace to anyone who has dark circles under their eyes

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      I love Erace Undereye Concealer. In my family, we are all prone to dark circles under our eyes. I can’t think of one family memeber on my father’s side who doesn’t have dark circles under their eyes. For me, the dark circles tend to look worse if I haven’t had a good night’s sleep. No matter what cosmetic product I’ve tried, it seems like the undereye concealer stays on for a little while, and then fades or melts off. I love Erace because the color is brighter and it does a much better job at concealing my undereye circles. I first learned about Erace about twenty years ago when my older sister used it. I always thought that she was the only one who was lucky enough to have escaped the dark circle under the eyes family trait, but she didn’t. She was simply wearing Erace to mask her dark circles. When I found out, I went out and bought my own tube of this wonderful cosmetic. I was hoping that it would just as good on me as it did for my sister. Actually Erace reminds me of zinc oxide. The white stuff that lifeguards put on their nose to prevent sunburn. To me, it’s the same consistency, but only smoother and softer. It comes in a a tube that reminds me of lipstick.

      When I wore the Erace for the first time, I marveled at how

      good my undereye circles looked. I was hopeful that the look would last for more that one hour. I wore Erace when I went to work, and I didn’t think anything of it until I went to the bathroom to freshen up my makeup. To my surprise, I found that the dark circles under my eyes were still very much concealed and that the circles were not starting to show at all. The Erace wasn’t greasy and the best thing about it was it didn’t crease at all. I’m not sure if it’s waterproof, but it sure acts like it is. I’m so happy that I found this product.

      Another reason why I love this product is that it’s so inexpensive. I can buy it at any drug store or grocery store. A tube lasts a long time, so I don’t have to keep replacing it. My daugher also wears Erace for under her eyes. Although she doesn’t have very dark circles under her eyes, she still has them. She uses just a touch of Erace in the morning before going to school, and it still looks fresh on her when she comes home. It was kind of funny when I went to work one morning. One of my coworkers asked me if I did something different to myself because she told me that I looked so much younger. I think what she really meant was that I didn’t have ...

      • my dark circles anymore. I finally had to ask her if she might be referring to my lack of dark undereye circles. She did admit that she found it amazing that I didn’t have the circles anymore. She didn’t want to come right out and say anything, but I could tell that she was surprised. WhenI told her about the Erace, she told me that she has been using it for year. Actually her daughter also uses this product because has bad allergies, and when her allergies act up, her under the eye circles tend to get worse, and look darker. I don’t Erace has changed in twenty years. This product glides on smoothly and I love how it doesn’t get into the creases of my eyes. The under eye area is very delicate and can have the tendency to crease, but the Erace, I find never does. If I want a little more coverage, I just add a little more and dab it in.

        I highly recommend Erace to anyone who has dark circles under their eyes. This product is very inexpensive and it works as well or even better than some high end quality department store makeup concealers. I have paid up to $30.00 for a concealer that really didn’t do anything for my under eye circles. It made them look better for about an hour, and then my eyes went bake to their normal look.

        For much less money, I can buy Erace and know that I’ll always have long lasting coverage of my dark circles and not have to worry about having to put more on every hour because it’s worn off. This really does have lots of staying power, and I never have to reapply it during the day. I just make sure I don’t rub my eyes a lot. Even though I do tend to rub my eyes at time, the Erace still stays in place. I truly love Erace because I think it’s a superior product that is a very important part of my makeup collection and it’s a very big part of my daughter’s makeup collection too. I even keep a tube of Erace in the car for any touch ups that I might need to do on my makeup while I’m in the car - when it’s stopped of course! Never - ever put on makeup in the car while you’re driving or even if your a passenger, it’s still not a good idea, unless the car is stopped and parked. I love Erace and will continue to use it and when my tube of Erace runs out, I will, for sure purchase another tube. I have a feeling my tube of Erace will last for a long time, because all I have to do is apply a small amount and I get great results from my under eye circles. Erace is an amazing product!

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