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  • Sure, you hop from a city to a graveyard to a jungle, but there's really not a whole lot of difference between them, as they're all completely flat and aside from the lighting and the patter on the ground, you wouldn't even know you'd entered another area

    • by Goombasa

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      Games based on Anime often have the same problems as other licensed games, not being related to the license, not living up to the series, or just not being a very good game. Sadly, that is the case with today’s subject. It’s just a giant fan service system, and that’s about it.

      Story: 6/10

      The game pretty much follows the plot of the anime faithfully up until halfway through the game, when several new antagonists are introduced that were never in the original anime, and it just ruins the whole idea, by pushing away other antagonists.

      I will say this though, the characters are very in character and they at least had the decency to keep their characters consistent with the plot. While the changes they go through aren’t as defined as they were in the anime, it’s still pretty good.

      Gameplay: 6/10

      This is another game that tries to blend the fighting and RPG genres. To an extent, it does alright, but there’s a lot that could have been improved. You play as the main protagonist, Yoh, and it is played on a grid, much like a Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy

      Tactics game. You select your characters and move them towards your enemies and decide whether or not you want to fight them. When you attack an enemy as Yoh, the game switches to a fighting game perspective where you have minor attacks, strong attacks, and blocks. You continue to fight until either you run out of time, or you or your opponent falls. If you falls, however, you lose the map.

      It’s a pretty shallow system as well, where levels don’t really matter. If you’re good at fighting games, you can pretty much beat any enemy in front of you, regardless of your level. If a friendly unit is standing a space or two away from you, then they will join you in combat as a computer controlled character, which helps out sometimes, but often, they just get in the way and take more damage than they give.

      Even worse, you can only directly control Yoh. If you select another character and have them attack, you are merely shown the two combatant’s health bars and you watch them decrease slightly. If you attack, you’re almost always guaranteed to win, but ...

      • if your enemy is attacking these units, they’ll almost always lose! It’s almost completely devoid of strategy and makes little to no sense.

        And that’s pretty much all there is to the gameplay. You can use a selection of items and spells, but they really don’t make much of a difference in the long run. It’s a very redundant feeling, not at all like playing a true fighting or RPG game, where actual thought is needed to progress.

        Graphics: 7/10

        The game does look pretty nice. It seems as though they recreated all the characters from the show pretty well, and their animations and special powers at least fit with the continuity of the show, but in combat all of their moves are pretty similar, as they don’t use their special powers there.

        Even worse are the backgrounds. They’re all stock and every area you’re in seems completely devoid of anything to set itself apart from the others. Sure, you hop from a city to a graveyard to a jungle, but there’s really not a whole lot of difference between them, as they’re all completely flat and aside from the lighting and

        the patter on the ground, you wouldn’t even know you’d entered another area.

        Sound and Music: 5/10

        It’s a real shame that they didn’t put in more music from the show. Yes, they have the theme, but that’s about it. The rest of the music is stock orchestra music that just loops over and over, and it has almost no impact on the game itself. It’s once again, another game that would benefit from you providing your own sound track.

        The sound effects are all stock as well, but the voice acting is actually provided by the actual voice actors from the show, which does make the audio more bearable. They all sound in character, and their dialogue is actually pretty witty at times. Still, it doesn’t really help because the only expressions we get from them are in little are segments during the dialogue scenes between the fights.

        Overall: 6/10

        The game is okay, but there’s very little appeal, unless you happen to be a fan of the show. If you are, then it is a decent bit of fan service, but to the wider audience, there’s little to get excited about here.

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