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  • My husband took it and feel asleep on it, therefore he thinks it works, but had he managed to stay away, I'm pretty sure he'd have noticed that it didn't help the congestion either
  • It makes me sleepy, but so does bad television or a boring date, and I can get those for free
  • Wouldn't recommend this product in the least

    • by Anasuya

      I don’t come down with the average cold very often. I get allergies every year, from about July through October, but typical Over-the-counter medications wont help with that anyway. I always know when I’m coming down with a cold or flu, however, when my prescription allergy medicine ceases to help relieve the congestion, or when I get these symptoms during my allergy off-season, such as Spring. I maybe get a cold once every two years, and even then, they don’t last but a total of a week. However, I live with my husband and two teen school-bound children, who seem to get sick at the drop of a hat. And not a single one of us are any fun to be around when we get sick. We’re all whiny, and the rest of us never want to hear it! But, we do our best to

      make the other feel better, and sometimes that means trying out medications until you get to that ONE medication that helps. Sometimes, this results in having four different kinds of congestion medications in the cabinet because all four of us need something different than the other to work well.

      Sudafed used to be the one product I could count on. The main active ingredient, Psuedoephedrine, was the be-all end-all of congestion relievers as far as I was concerned. And, then a few years ago, there were issues with this drug being shoplifted from grocery stores and this ingredient used to make illegal narcotics in back-alley labs. Such a shame, but the drug has since been removed from all Sudafed products. And really, I’m surprised they can still call themselves Sudafed now. The one ingredient that worked has been stripped and replaced with Phenylephrine, which really ...

      • does nothing but cause a serious case of constipation. It’s a drug which is supposed to dry up the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity, but all it really does is suck all the water out of the body entirely, and you’re left feeling dehydrated, constipated and STILL as congested as you were before you started using it, except now your nose is itchy because it’s so dry!

        I understand why they changed the ingredients, but it should’ve been the responsibility of store owners to keep this from being easily shoplifted. Now this drug has pretty much been rendered useless as far as I’m concerned. My husband took it and feel asleep on it, therefore he thinks it works, but had he managed to stay away, I’m pretty sure he’d have noticed that it didn’t help the congestion either… it just put him to sleep

        long enough to ignore the congestion, and any over-the-counter sleep aide could accomplish the same results. So, this medication simply doesn’t do what it claims to do. Sure, I felt a bit of relief for an hour or so after taking it, but since you’re only supposed to take it every six hours, this isn’t nearly the level of relief I needed to keep me convinced this product is worth it.

        I used Sudafed Cold and Allergy for years and loved it. It worked better than my prescription allergy medication, but this new Sudafed PE stuff is no more effective than rubbing some vicks vapor rub on your chest to temporarily clear up congestion. It makes me sleepy, but so does bad television or a boring date, and I can get those for free!

        Wouldn’t recommend this product in the least. A complete disappointment from a long-time Sudafed user.

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