Sega Superstar Tennis for PS3
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  • It would appear that Sega's been conforming to what I like to call the Mario formula

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      It would appear that Sega’s been conforming to what I like to call the Mario formula. They seem to be dropping their mascots and classic characters into spinoff titles, such as sport or racing games, hoping that the novelty of the characters will create a winning formula. If Mario can do it, others can too, right? Well, not really. But the games at least turn out decent sometimes…

      Story: N/A

      There’s no real story here. Sega characters from everywhere just come together to play tennis. What else is there to say?

      Gameplay: 7/10

      The game offers quite a bit to do. For starters, the tournaments are all broken up into several different sections, each pertaining to a different franchise, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Samba de Amigo, and NiGHTS. In each section, you start off with only a single option, usually a singles or doubles match. The more of these you beat, the more missions you unlock and the more content you unlock as well. you’re also given a litter grade based on the score you got in said mission, but it really doesn’t matter much and is more for just showing off than anything practical. It’s like Xbox achievements, basically.

      Aside from the main games, there’s also quite a lot of little things to do, such as mini games, but they’re more for basic amusement than advancing

      yourself in the actual game.

      The characters are awesome. Each one feels different and distinct. Granted, your starting roster is kind of small, but you do get quite a few unlockable characters. Like I said, each one feels different, divided into several different categories, such as speed, all around, power, and spin. Characters include all of Sega’s classic and new characters, such as Sonic, Tails, Nights, Amigo, and even Ulala! The crowning point are their special attacks. By performing well, a star will appear below your character and by pressing the shoulder buttons, your character will go through a short animation and gain extra strength, speed, and abilities for when you hit the ball, such as Tails encasing the ball in a tornado, or Night’s making the ball warp around the area. A few of these do feel a little unbalanced, but they’re fun to watch, and you don’t always have them available, so there’s not a whole lot to complain about.

      The actual Tennis gameplay is really, pretty realistic, much more so than Mario Tennis, where the difficulty was not very high at all. In this game, you actually do get a good challenge, even on the early missions. The AI is, usually, pretty intelligent and won’t just let you win. Hitting the ball also takes a bit of getting used to as well.

      • If you’re right beside the ball, or if it’s right behind you, you won’t just be able to hit it, you’ll have to get yourself in front of it so that you can actually hit it back. Again, it adds to the challenge and makes the game more enjoyable in the long run because you don’t always win; you have to try and win. For this reason alone, it gets a high recommendation from me.

        Graphics: 6/10

        The game was released on the PS2 as well as the PS3, but since I’m going with the PS3 version, I have to say that the graphics are pretty shallow on this one, mostly because there was little effort to improve them from the PS2 version. There could have been a lot more detail put into both, the characters and the courts. I’m not saying that they look bad. In fact, they look pretty damn good, but they could look a whole lot better, given the platform they’re on. The characters are fluently animated and how they hit the ball is pretty amusing, to say the least. The courts look a little bright and sometimes it can be hard to see the boundary lines, what with how busy the sidelines look, but they also look really good.

        Sound and Music: 7/10

        The music is all awesome as well. Every court

        has quite a few tracks to choose from, and you’re allowed to choose the music that you want at the start of the match, and you also unlock more as you play through the game. Even better, every one of them is from a classic Sega franchise, so there’s a lot of nostalgia in there. I’ll admit, a few of the remixed tracks sound a little campy now, but nothing’s horrible. The voice acting is a mixed bag. It’s not like there are any long-winded speeches in the game, and none of it really goes over the top, but some of these voices are just really annoying, or don’t seem to fit the character. Nights, for example, is supposed to be gender-ambiguous, yet when I hear that voice I just can’t help but picture a British chick. Tails is also kind of annoying, but again, it’s easy to ignore the voice overs in a game like this, so it’s nothing major.

        Overall: 7/10

        It’s clear that this game takes a lot from Mario Power Tennis, but that’s just fine. It isn’t really original, but what it does, it does very well, and it offers a great challenge that I couldn’t find in the Mario games. If you like Tennis, and you like Sega, I would suggest giving this game a work, it’s worth at least a rental.

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