Luigi’s Mansion for Gamecube
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  • It's a pretty epic game, and it has a lot of fun and originality, as well as a really creepy atmosphere

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      With the advent of the Gamecube, the eternal understudy, Luigi, was at last given his chance to shine, in his very first game actually made by Nintendo, Luigi’s Mansion. As a launch title it certainly showed off what the little purple lunchbox was capable of.

      Story: 7/10

      Luigi, apparently, has won a mansion in a contest that he didn’t enter. When he finally reaches his new home, he finds that it looks more like a haunted house than a luxury mansion. Upon going inside, he finds it to be infested with dozens of multi-colored ghosts! After being saved by a little old man named Professor E. Gadd, he is told that Mario went inside and is now captured by the evil ghosts! Equipped with the Game Boy Horror and the Poltergust 3000, Luigi sets out to rescue his brother

      and imprison all the evil ghosts!

      It’s a pretty awesome concept, and the fact that Luigi has been portrayed as an easily frightened individual helps add to the dire situation he’s found himself in.

      Gameplay: 8/10

      By far a very original idea. Luigi needs to go through each section of the mansion, locating ghosts holding keys to unlock the doors through the entire mansion. Different ghosts all have different strengths and weaknesses, with the portrait ghosts as your ultimate goal.

      Luigi’s main way of defending himself is with his flashlight. When you shine the light on a ghost, they’ll freeze and expose their heart to you, at which moment you can suck them with with your vacuum, a lot like a combination of a rodeo and reeling in a fish. It’s pretty awesome, but if you’re in an area with lots of obstacles, it can be hard to hold onto your enemies.

      Throughout the mansion, you’ll also run into ghosts that actually look like people. These are the portrait ghost, all of these being sort of puzzles. They won’t just show you their heart, and you can’t just stun them, like you do with other ghosts. Instead, you need to solve their riddles and engage them in combat to fight them.

      The mansion is also littered with bundles upon bundles of treasure. Coins, jewels, gold bars, and so on and so forth. A sub mission in the game is to gather as much of this stuff as you can, and the more treasures you get, better your grade at the end of the game, so get that treasure, buds!

      Also, the more ghosts you defeat, the more the mansion ...

      • Luigi's Mansion for Gamecube
      lights up. When the lights are on, no ghosts, except for Boos, will appear. Boos won’t appear until about halfway through the game, and you’ll need to find a bunch of them in order to get through the area.

      It’s a pretty epic game, and it has a lot of fun and originality, as well as a really creepy atmosphere.

      Graphics: 8/10

      The game looks quite amazing, especially considering how early on in the last generation this was made. The The mansion itself looks very realistic, almost like it was modeled off of a real place!

      As for the characters, it’s all wonderful. they’re animated very fluently, and the cgi polygons that they’re made out of are great. The ghosts all look very original, if a bit stereotypical now and then, such as the very first ordinary ghosts you run into.

      It all looks great and it’s one of the better looking games on the system.

      Sound and Music: 8/10

      The game sounds as good as it looks. While none of the music is very loud, it really adds to the atmosphere, and constantly reminds you that you are, in fact, in a haunted mansion. The sound effects are sufficiently creepy, but at the same time, very goofy, letting you know that you’re still in the Mario universe, despite how scary it can get sometimes, even with the cartoon ghosts.

      Overall: 8/10

      This is a must-own for anyone who has a gamecube.It’s stylish, it’s fun, it gives Luigi all the respect that he should have gotten way back on the super Nintendo. Pick it up, if you’re a fan of Mario or a fan of ghostbusters. It’ll satisfy both of your needs.

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