Killer Instinct for SNES
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  • While they don't sound particularly inventive, every character did play independently of the others, so it didn't suffer form the stupid clone syndrome that made other fighters so difficult to play

    • by Goombasa

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      One of the strangest cartridges I owned growing up was the Power Instinct cartridge. I just thought it was strange, being all black, whereas every other cartridge I owned at the time was all gray. I soon found out why. The Super Nintendo was known for its pretty kid-friendly gallery of games, but here comes Killer Instinct, which actually has more gore in it than that Mortal Kombat games released on this system. Reportedly, that’s due to the fact that Killer Instinct was released after the ESRB was formed, but still… anyway, is Killer Instinct a fighting game worth your time? Ummm, perhaps…

      Story: N/A


      reportedly there’s some sort of story to tie this together about some sort of mutant tournament to find the strongest experiment, but for the life of me, I can’t find details about it anywhere, so I don’t know if it even exists. There’s also no reference to any sort of story within the game itself, so for the time being I’m going to say that there is no real story.

      Gameplay: 6/10

      The game is pretty much a Mortal Kombat clone. It even plays similarly. Every strange character you can select has a huge roster of strange special moves, and if you ever manage to figure

      out the combo, fatality moves as well. Some of the warriors include a werewolf, a raptor, a skelton, a guy made out of fire, a guy made out of ice, a guy made out of plants… did we step into a B horror movie out of the fifties or something?

      While they don’t sound particularly inventive, every character did play independently of the others, so it didn’t suffer form the stupid clone syndrome that made other fighters so difficult to play. The roster was also pretty big too, at least by SNES standards.

      What made this game slightly more unique though, was its combo point ...

      • Killer Instinct for SNES
      system, where a player would be rewarded with high scores depending on how many moves you strung together and how awesome you could make your moves look. This isn’t anything special nowadays, but back then, it really was pretty impressive. Plus, no other game would loudly announce that you had gotten an ULTRA COMBO!

      Graphics: 7/10

      The game does look pretty good, with the character models actually looking quite well detailed, though most of the environments they’re in look pretty dark. There’s not much to say about that.

      Sound and Music: 4/10

      Again, not much to say. The music is so subtle and quiet that it’s barely noticable,

      regardless of what stage you’re on. The sound clips from the characters is okay, but it does sound kind of fuzzy. The same for the voice that constantly announces how awesome your combo was. That’s really all there is to the sound.

      Overall: 5/10

      It’s an average fighter that was ported from the arcades. It’s a novelty, but it’s no better or worse than any other fighter of the time. There are certainly better fighters on the system, but there are also ones that are far worse. If you want a game like Mortal Kombat without getting Mortal Kombat, this is actually a pretty nice substitute.

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