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  • I thought I would try an over the counter pain reliever first to see what happened
  • It worked, because after a few minutes, I think I washed away all of it from my eye

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      A while back I had the worst toothache of my life. Actually, it started when we went to the movies and I ate popcorn. I don’t know if a piece of popcorn got stuck in my took, or in the space between my gum line and my tooth, but it hurt like no other toothache. I don’t usually get toothaches, so I do attribute this one to the popcorn. No matter what I did, the pain persisted. The pain was actually more on my gum than the actual tooth itself. I was sure there wasn’t a piece of popcorn stuck in my tooth or gum line, so maybe it was just that my tooth and gum was irritated from eating the popcorn and from the salt content in the popcorn. I didn’t want to go to the dentist unless I had to. I thought I would try an

      over the counter pain reliever first to see what happened. I took two aspirin, but it really didn’t relieve 100% of the pain, although I will say that it did help with the inflammation. When I went to the store, I came across Orajel. This is a topical oral anesthetic that contains the anesthetic Benzocaine. I purchase the Orajel in hopes that it would get rid of my toothache pain, or gum pain. I still couldn’t decipher where the pain was coming from, if it was my tooth, or the gum, but it didn’t matter because according the the directions you are suppose to rub it on the gum area next to the tooth that hurts, anyway. You don’t put it directly on the tooth.

      When I got home, I couldn’t wait to try this product because by that time, my mouth was throbbing in pain.

      • I applied a little on my gum next to the tooth that hurt and within seconds, I felt relief. I was so happy that the pain was subsiding. I don’t know if it actually relieved the pain, per se or if the pain simply had been numbed as the Orajel is an oral anesthetic. I didn’t care, because the pain subsided dramatically, and I was able to think about something else than that darn pain. After a while, though, the pain did come back. I reapplied the Orajel and again, it did a great job of relieving or numbing the pain. Each time the pain went away and then came back, it came back milder and milder than the episode before it. Maybe the Orajel has actual healing properties in it in addition to it’s anesthetic properties. However, I did make one mistake when
        I used this product. After I put the Orajel on, I always wash my hands, but some how when I went to put the cap back on, a little of the Orajel must have gotten on my finger and then when I rubbed my eye, I felt a very uncomfortable sensation in my eye. It appears that I got a little Orajel in my eye, which caused a slight numbing sensation in my eye. This was not a pleasant feeling at all. I immediately flushed my eye with lots of water to flush the Orajel from my eye. It worked, because after a few minutes, I think I washed away all of it from my eye.

        This product worked very well for me in relieving my toothache and gum pain. I loved how the Orajel worked very fast for my pain, almost immediately and when you’re in pain, that is very important.

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