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  • And, falling victim to what I now call the Marvel syndrome, the Tales games have had a few games that are crossovers of several different games, featuring multiple characters over different games in a single play experience

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      With so many Tales games still to be brought to United States shores, a few have been ported to other systems in hopes of marketing them to a wider audience. And, falling victim to what I now call the Marvel syndrome, the Tales games have had a few games that are crossovers of several different games, featuring multiple characters over different games in a single play experience. That is the case with Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.

      Story: 7/10

      As cliche as it is, it works. That’s really all I can say. You play an entity created by the World tree, tasked with protecting your world from a giant source of darkness known as the Devourer, which is slowly eating away at the world. You go into a town where you join a resistance group who is not only trying to stop the devourer, but is also trying to free the town form the tyranny of the man currently ruling over it. You join the resistance, known as Ad Libitum, and complete quests to help you gather

      information and gain strength to help stop the Devourer.

      And that’s it really. Assisting you is a large cast of characters from games such as Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Phantasia, and so forth. All of them have great personalities and anyone who’s played any of the other games in the series will instantly recognize these characters and find that they are pretty close to their original personalities, though a few of them seem a bit more downplayed than before.

      Gameplay: 8/10

      Once again, anyone who’s played past tales games will recognize the style, though this game is more quest-driven than the other games. You start by creating your character, which can be male or female, and can be a thief, mage, or warrior. You can unlock other jobs along the way, but these are your first three choices. Your choice will determine which weapons and armor you can equip, and you’ll be able to change your job later on in the game if you want, though it’ll affect your level. It’s not a very deep customization system

      By going to the Ad Libitum headquarters and accept quests. The quests can range from getting certain items for certain people, or killing a certain number of specific monsters. For completing the quests, you get experience, gold, and items, as well as fame points. The more famous you become, the more quests you’ll have access to, eventually unlocking quests that will advance the plot further.

      During certain quests, you’ll be able to build a party, bringing up to three other characters with you, all of whom can be asked to join at the Inn. Just keep in mind that no party you form stays together after a quest. Instead, it disbands after the quest is completed. It’s kind of annoying that you have to reconstruct your party every time you select a new quest.

      There’s also a crafting system, which is actually pretty intuitive. From the pause screen, you can cook food, process jewels, create armor and weapons, and refine other items. As you complete quests, you’ll get more plans and as you continue to craft ...

      • Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology for PSP
      items, your skill will go up, allowing you to make more complicated items, some of which you’ll need for quests. It’s one of the more fun parts of the game, as there’s plenty to collect and create.

      Now, as for the battle system. You can run around in a perfectly three-dimensional arena and when you press the attack button, you’ll automatically run to the nearest enemy and attack them. By pressing the circle button, in combination with the direction buttons, you’ll perform special attacks native to your class, which you’ll learn the more of as you level up. I’m glad to say that your partners are also pretty smart, able to defend themselves and react to current situations very well. It all comes together to make it a very fun, very enjoyable play experience.

      Graphics: 8/10

      The game looks very nice, with the character models being almost on par with the console versions, though their outlines are a little pixilated. As far as backgrounds go, it’s not bad, but it’s kind of stock, with caves, castles, and forests. The

      towns are designed nicely, and all the weapons and items you have can also alter your character’s appearance slightly, which is also pretty nice.

      The animations and attacks look great too, same with the enemies, and the game is a joy to look at, though large battles can sometimes get confusing as everyone clashes with one another.

      Sound and Music: 6/10

      The voice acting is decent, but it gets a little over the top at points.

      The music is nice and soothing, if a little bland in certain areas. The battle themes are great, though, feeling quick and peppy. The sound effects are also very nice, though again, it’s nothing really special. Overall, the music is pretty good, though it does have its shortcomings.

      Overall: 7/10

      This is a shameless appeal to fans of the Tales games. It’s mostly fan service, but it’s actually done well! It has a good plot, and a lot of fun gameplay, with a whole bunch of different Tales characters brought together in one place. It’s a great game that’s perfect for people craving a great RPG for their PSP.

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