New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS
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  • It's simple, sweet, and as classic as it gets

    • by Goombasa

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      Oh, this is certainly a good definition of New. Bringing back the classic gameplay, with a few gameplay and graphical enhancements from the first, this a truly original launch title for the Nintendo DS. In fact, this was one of the very first games that anyone who bought a DS has ever played.

      Story: 5/10

      Do I even need to explain the story here? Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser and Mario has to travel from world to world, listening to a Toad at the end of each castle say that the princess is in another castle and he has to rescue her in another world. This is supposed to be like a revamp to the Super Mario Bros series, at least as far as gameplay goes, so the

      classic story makes sense, but really, no matter how many times you change up the idea, if only slightly, it always remains the same. Peach is kidnapped and Mario needs to save her.

      Gameplay: 8/10

      The game plays wonderfully. Like I said, it plays just like a classic Mario game with a few enhancements, such as being able to wall jump and triple jump, similar to moves he can use in the 3D games, but used well in this particular case. You run from left to right, bopping enemies and getting to the flag at the end of the level. It’s simple, sweet, and as classic as it gets. At the end of each world, there’s a castle and at the end of each castle, there’s a boss

      you need to face. It’s usually Bowser, or a larger version of one of the smaller enemies of the game.

      Mario’s most classic power ups return in this game, the mushroom and fire flower, but he also gets a few new tricks as well. He can get a Koopa Shell suit, which makes it so he can slid along the ground like when he kicks a turtle shell, and it makes him immune to some attacks while crouching. He also gets a mini mushroom, which makes him ultra small, small enough to enter secret crevices and caves he couldn’t normally reach, even in his small state. Then, there’s the awesomeness that is the mega mushroom. This item makes Mario grow to gigantic size and pretty much trample ...

      • New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS
      everything in his way until it wears off, even giving you a few 1-ups depending on how much stuff you smash before you go back to normal size.

      You can also find a few hidden exits and go to hidden levels, and there are three giant gold coins to collect in each level, used to purchase extra wallpapers from a special item house. Yeah, great prize for your efforts, eh?

      The game plays great, and there’s a lot to do, though there isn’t a whole lot of incentive to replay the game after you beat it a few times, since the coins don’t offer too great a reward.

      Graphics: 7/10

      The game looks really good too, though the character models do look a little polygonal. They look much better than

      the pixel based characters from the original, and the backgrounds are nice and vibrant, though at times it’s hard to see what’s in the foreground and background.

      Sound and Music: 9/10

      Keeping with the quality we’ve seen coming from Mario, the sound track sounds wonderful, being completely original and truly fitting with the rest of the Mario universe, each adding to the level it’s heard in. The sound effects are classic, though they sound pretty good, even on the hand held.

      Overall: 8/10

      This is a game that reminds us of everything we love in a game. It has Mario doing what he does best, running and jumping, and being damn good at it. It’s a quality game and despite how early in the system’s lifetime it still holds up well today.

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