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  • I was suffering so much I decided to weigh myself
  • I know I am going into a lot of detail here but it is because I want to stress how dangerous I think these types of diets are
  • I cannot emphasize enough how I do not recommend this diet

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      This is one of the worst diets I have ever tried. It is very similar to the ever popular Atkins diet. Basically the philosophy of this diet is that carbohydrates are bad and protein is good. The difference between the South Beach Diet and Atkins are that South Beach diet is a little looser on the diet requirements, particularly in the first few weeks. You are allowed some limited fruits and vegetables that Atkins doesn’t allow. But don’t be fooled. It is an extremely rigid diet to follow. There isn’t anything easy about it. And it gets worse. What starts out as somewhat difficult becomes excruciating. And I know.

      When I first started this diet back in 2002 I was elated. Finally I had found something that had gotten such rave reviews. The pounds would come off and stay off. What I didn’t realize was how hard it is to eat a diet consisting of mostly protein. I thought I would feel great. After all, my mom had always told me to eat protein when I was feeling weak or hungry. I didn’t. I felt terrible! Weak, lethargic, even dizzy at times. I thought this

      would go away in time. The diet book even states that the few days can be difficult on the system, but once the adjustment period is over, the great energy comes. What a bunch of baloney! It never came! And I waited a few more days, thinking it was just me. After about 4 days, the weakness evolved into a real ravaging hunger. I mean I would eat lots of meat and several sticks of celery and a half hour later it was like I hadn’t eaten anything at all. I was suffering so much I decided to weigh myself. I wanted to see if it was worth it. I lost 4 pounds. I was so happy I decided it was worth the pain. And so I continued.

      I only managed to last another 10 days, but it was bad. I mean really, really bad. I only ended up in the emergency room bad. I went to work on my 14th day of the diet and ended up passing out on the counter. I developed heart palpitations, I was sweating profusely, dizzy to the point that I could hardly hear anything around me because I ...

      • was blacking out. It was scary. Luckily someone was good enough to point out to me it was the diet causing this calamity and not some other health condition. I had gone 14 days with almost no sugar at all in my diet. My co-worker handed me a coke soda bottle which I resisted at first. I was afraid of gaining back everything I had lost. Finally I drank about half of it and somehow my mysterious symptoms disappeared. I was still very weak, but not passing out anymore.

        I know I am going into a lot of detail here but it is because I want to stress how dangerous I think these types of diets are. The reason I was getting sick was because our bodies are not meant to process so much meat. This causes an accumulation of urea and ketones in the body, which is not good. Too much of anything is bad. Most fad diets fall into this category. If you eat a lot of protein, or vegetables, of fruits, or some great shake–you will lose lots of weigh.

        I cannot emphasize enough how I do not recommend this diet. Yes,

        I did lose weight. Ten pounds in face, which isn’t bad in two weeks. When I went off the diet I only gained back 3 of the pounds which was great. The point is that I felt great when I went off the diet. I stopped fainting, I felt stronger and happier. Did I mention the nausea? On the Southbeach diet, I felt like I was going to throw up all the time. Foods tasted terrible to me. I got sick of eating broccoli, celery and all the meat. I felt achy and I was moody. When I got off the diet and started doing old fashioned calorie counting, I still lost weight and I felt a whole lot better. I am a female so maybe that’s why it didn’t work. Maybe it’s my body and metabolism. Whatever the reason, I am never going to try a fad diet again. And I recommend others not to either. Your health is more important than losing 20 pounds. High fat, high protein diets are bad. Go for balanced!

        I am giving this diet a 2 only because I actually lost weight, and that is it’s purpose. But it isn’t worth it!

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