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  • So I thought I should wear it anyway, hoping others would find it good on me
  • I love perfumes I can wear at daytime and even on warm weathers, this definitely won’t do

    • by patofgold23

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      I came across a sample of this perfume and I hate to say it, but it’s so horrible! The initial scent is very strong, and it dries down to a gross musky scent. It almost makes me sick. I wanted to like this perfume as a lot of people are saying it is so good. So I thought I should wear it anyway, hoping others would find it good on me. What a mistake. I felt like I was wearing some nuclear power concoction and killing everybody on my path. My co-workers were honest enough to tell me that my perfume was too strong. And the thing is, it is so hard to take it off. I nearly rubbed off my skin in the restroom coz

      no wash could make the smell go away! I dreaded for the day to end so I could come home and take a shower. My workplace smelled like someone spilled a barrel of perfume in there. It was so embarrassing bringing that smell in the office and everybody had to put up with it until the day ends.

      Pure Poison actually smells good when you first spray it on; yeah it is strong but does smell good at first. But after an hour the residual smell is so overwhelming and gets stronger by the hour. It literally gives me the shivers. The residual smell is somewhere similar to that of Burberry Brit: kinda bitter and suffocating. With Pure Poison, it even smells poisonous (is that why they ...

      • named it that?). I don’t know what chemicals Dior put into the perfume, but it certainly ain’t good. It smells so synthetic. The musky notes are way too strong! One tiny spray and gives everybody a pounding headache in seconds. Leave it there, and the smell will just keep getting stronger. It’s a terrible smell that just lingers and lingers. At any rate it would make you cough and choke. It takes a massive soap-down and scrubbing to eliminate everything.

        I have to warn you that this thing smells good on magazine samplers. If you really intend to try it, wait a while after spraying it on. Give it a little time to settle on your skin before you even take that money out of your pocket.


        am glad I didn’t pay for the perfume. Having samplers do come in handy. I am not paying close to a $100 for 50 ml. of the scent, not even a gallon of it. I can even get perfumes twice the size for half of its price. Oh, so not worth it, it didn’t mix right with me at all.

        Too bad the bottle it comes with is so pretty. But the perfume’s beauty stops right there. What a disappointment. It’s not good for my migraines at all. I did like the Hypnotic Poison, but its dry down isn’t great too. I guess Dior’s Poisons just wouldn’t work for me at all. I love perfumes I can wear at daytime and even on warm weathers, this definitely won’t do.

    BabyLee says :

    Pure Poison….The nastiest scent I’ve ever come across, whether it’s a fragrance or a toxin It made me nauseous and I’ve become very sensitive to perfumes now. There is some note in it that if I sense even a hint of it in another fragrance, that’s it… I run away Even some that I loved and actually own, I can’t tolerate any more. I wonder if it’s from the orange notes cause there are a lot of them in Pure Poison. I can’t emphasize enough how disgusting that stuff is. As a matter of fact, I’m going to look up the notes in Guerlain’s L’Intense because I own it, used to love it and when I put it on after having survived the Pure Poison event, I had to scrub it off…
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