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  • But, I enjoy older sports games because they tend to stretch the boundaries of what a person can do in any given situation
  • I know that the NES' audio quality wasn't exactly top of it's craft, but still, I do expect something better on the little gray box

    • by Goombasa

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      I hate sports games. Well, I hate realistic sports games anyway. I just don’t understand the appeal that they have to people. But, I enjoy older sports games because they tend to stretch the boundaries of what a person can do in any given situation. The game, Slalom, is a perfect example of a simple sports premise that barely follows logic. But that’s what makes it so freaking entertaining!

      Story: N/A

      I can’t exactly judge a story that’s nonexistent. It’s the same idea as Pole Position, Rad Racer, or Excite Bike. You’re just a guy who loves to ski, who’s out to try and break records. So that’s it. No story. Let’s move on.

      Gameplay: 6/10

      Like I said, the game plays almost exactly like Rad Racer or Pole Position. Instead of racing cars, however, you’re a skier trying to make it down the slopes. The basic idea is to get from

      the start to finish within the time limit while avoiding obstacles such as rocks, trees, and other skiers.

      It’s pretty simplistic, and there’s not much more to talk about other than that. I will say this though, even on easy levels, it’s really difficult. You can speed up by holding up on the D-pad, but by doing so, you make it more difficult to turn and see what’s coming up since you can’t really see what’s directly in front of yourself. You can jump too, but it slows you down. When you crash, you might as well hit reset, because there is almost no room for error in any of the courses. There’s also no real point in replaying the game other than getting the shortest time possible, so it’s a lot like playing an Atari game. Still, for as little as it lasts, it’s entertaining, if only to ...

      • see how your skier looks when he falls over.

        Graphics: 5/10

        The graphics, even by NES standards, are a little sub par. First off, when you’re actually skiing, the immediate background is just a black backdrop. You get a few mountain peaks and the snow looks pretty white, but your skier is bright blue, which can make it hard to see your skier sometimes. Luckily, all the obstacles are easy to see, as they’re all dark grey, green, or fiery red. Still, they seem to come out of nowhere, and if you’re going really fast, as you need to be going sometimes to get to the end, it’s really nerve-racking because you never know when you’re going to end up crashing into an incoming rock or tree. Even more annoying, if you pass a skier, you can’t see them behind you, and if for some reason you slow down and

        they close in on you, they can hit you from behind without you being able to see them. It’s quite annoying.

        Sound and Music: 4/10

        The soundtrack is present, but extremely forgettable. It’s a basic, stock 8-bit loop that plays on every single track. The sound effects aren’t any better. It’s the standard beeps, blips and bops that sound more at home an atari or older handheld system than they don on the NES. I know that the NES’ audio quality wasn’t exactly top of it’s craft, but still, I do expect something better on the little gray box.

        Overall: 5/10

        This is a pretty average game, but it has enough value to keep you entertained for a little while. If you want to play it, you have to be in the right mood and it’s sort of the thing you would just play once or twice to get rid of boredom, but nothing more.

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