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  • So I thought why not buy an external hard drive
  • I saw some hard drives but finally I bought Seagate Free Agent Desktop
  • Well for me its working fine but I suggest you to make partitions

    • by ankgol

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      As a computer nerd I am great fan of movies. You can say that collecting movie is my hobby. Sometimes I buy original DVD’s but most of the time I download movies from Internet. Long time ago I used to burn DVD’s but burning DVD’s is very frustrating. So I thought why not buy an external hard drive. I went to the shop and asked for USB hard drives. I saw some hard drives but finally I bought Seagate Free Agent Desktop.

      The packaging is very good. The hard drive is packed in cardboard. The whole package consists of hard drive, adapter, USB cable, and warranty card and user manual. I unpacked the whole thing, as I was excited to see it. Hard drive, adapter and USB cable are further packed in blue plastic. Again I unpacked all these. The color of the hard drive is black. The Seagate logo is placed at the bottom left corner of the hard drive. The orange color logo makes the hard drive stylish. As I unpacked the adapter I was shocked. I saw the adapter

      with different kind of socket, which I have never seen before. I didn’t find the plug in the switchboard where I can plug the socket of the adapter. I went to electrician shop and I asked him for socket that fits in adapter. He gave me 3-pin socket. I connected this socket in front of adapter and now I am ready to plug in. Except this process connecting this hard drive is very simple. Connect the one face of the adapter in hard drive and another one in switchboard. Now connect the one face of the USB cable in hard drive and another one in the USB port of your computer. These slots are situated at the bottom right side of the hard drive. The length of the wire of the power adapter and USB cable is long enough.

      As you connect the hard drive from your pc the yellow light blows up and it will continue to blink till your hard drive is connected. The light is situated on the left side of the hard drive. The space in the hard ...

      • drive is 298 GB. I started copying movies in my hard drive. The spindle speed of the hard drive is 7200 RPM and because of this the data transfer is very fast. I wasn’t expected that connecting the hard drive and transferring data is that easy. The one thing strikes me when my hard drive is full. I forgot to make partitions. Well for me its working fine but I suggest you to make partitions. You can use any software to make partitions. Well I am suggesting this because if incase virus damaged your partition and you want to format that partition, you can and your data will be as it is in other partitions. To disconnect the hard drive, click on the safely remove hardware in the task bar. When it is safe to remove you can disconnect the hard drive.

        I have seen lots of hard drives but there is one thing that makes it different from ordinary hard drives. That thing is fan and that is placed inside the stand of the hard drive. It is obvious that when

        we are using hard drive it generates heat. For the same reason they have provided the fan. The hard drive takes very less space on the table. The other thing is that you can take your data wherever you want to. Its like I have all my collection in my hand all the time. The weight of the hard drive is very less and you don’t have to think if you want to carry you hard drive to another place. Another good thing is that this drive is compatible with windows 2000, xp and vista. I never tried this on other operating system so I don’t know about the compatibility on other operating systems.

        I am using this hard drive from past 2 years and believe me I am enjoying every bit of it. The warranty period of the hard drive is 5 years, so my hard drive is still in warranty period. By seeing it performance I don’t think I would use my warranty card. There is no risk in storing data in the hard drive. I always find my movies nearby.

    Muhammed Abubacker Siddisque says :

    I bought a new Seagate freeagent go 320 gb, but it just has a space of 298 gb, Please let me know how to get the full space or maximum space out of this harddrive.. Please give a good answer.
    Jules Li says :

    This is actually standard and it would be considered normal. All hard drives and storage devices tend to have less storage space than what is advertised. It has to do with the way that manufacturer’s determine the size. For example, a manufacturer may see a GB as 1000 MB, but your computer will see a GB as 1024 MB. It’s all based on the calculation method that’s used. Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done to get it to show up as 320 GB.
    Galega says :

    The first thing you should know is the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong either with your Seagate Drive or your Computer. Everything is fine and what you are seeing is an industry standard.

    Hard drive manufacturers, like Seagate, market drives in terms of decimal (base 10) capacity. In decimal notation, one megabyte (MB) is equal to 1,000,000 bytes, one gigabyte (GB) is equal to 1,000,000,000 bytes. However, computer reads in a completely different way. If you have read Digital Electronics, you should know about n raised to the power of 2. It means for your computer, 1024 MB is one GB while for Seagate 1000 MB is 1 GB. And, thus explains the difference you see.
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