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  • I have never had an issue with my bill, and in fact, I get my bill online every month

    • by Jessie Bahrey

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      My internet and cable television provider is excellent, and while they are a small company, serving only parts of Delta and South Surrey, BC, they provide excellent service and customer service. I only wish they would expand to other parts of Canada.

      I called the two large BC cable and internet companies when I first moved to my new home in Delta, only to find that they did not service my area, and that Delta Cable, which is owned by an eastern company called Eastlink, had the rights to provide service in this small pocket of the province. I had really liked my Shaw service, so I was a bit worried that the high speed connection

      would not be as fast or that my cable would not have as many options as I was used to in the cable packages, or even that the service would be more expensive than the larger companies. I needn’t have worried about any of those issues.

      Just a day after my phone-call, a Delta Cable technician was hooking up my basic cable and high speed internet, and as a new customer, my package was $40 for cable and for the first 6 months, only $19.99 for the internet. After the six months, I could purchase any of the many offered packages, and he gave me a coloured brochure on my options, which were plentiful and competitively ...

      • priced. My internet was fast, and I have never had such a fast turnaround time from an initial phone call to getting all my services. I looked through the many packages offered, and there is really something for everyone, whether you are a sports buff, movie fan or even combinations. For the first few months, we had many storms that caused much damage and power outages, and our cable and internet rarely went out, even when our hydro was out. The one time that it did, when the entire province was out of power for days, our cable and internet were back up in less than 24 hours. I have never even had to call
        /> them for any reason, except to change my package.

        After a few months, I ended up purchasing a package that includes NFL games. The price is reasonable, just a few dollars more per month for many more channels. There are many packages that I am contemplating. When I called to get this option, I had no wait time to speak to a live person, and she went over all of my options. I have never had an issue with my bill, and in fact, I get my bill online every month.

        Delta Cable is a great cable and internet provider, and I hope they will expand their service area someday so everyone can have access to this excellent company.

    jay says :

    Fuck this dumb fucking internet company man it blows fuckin slick weener i get better fuckin wifi at the dollar store my nigga fuck you and ur dumbass company
    quick note by anonymous :

    Delta Cable is not all it is portrayed to be. High speed internet is not really high speed. All channels is not available and technicians keep passing you from one to another and supervisors who you have been promised will call. Dont ever do. I cant wait for another provider in Delta.
    Miika Makela says :

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. DELTA CABLE’S service has gradually been getting worse ever since EASTLINK took over over the company. The worst thing is that Eastlink will short change the subscribers and not deliver on what has been paid for - this is commonly known as a THEFT.

    As I was terminating my contract with Eastlink, they charged me the for final day of service. My invoice period was from 15 of the month to the 14th of the following month. On the last day of my service, the service was cut off before 7:00am, yet I had paid for the full day of service.

    So now that we know that EASTLINK’S PRACTICES ARE DISHONEST, here are the other problems with them.

    1. I offered to return the equipment to Ladner office of Delta Cable, but Eastlink wants you to mail back them their equipment. They will provide you a mailing label. However, where are the packing materials? Whose liability is it if the equipment does not get to Halifax in good condition? Sorry, my installer offered to take the boxes with him, and since you have taken my money without providing the service I pre-paid for, I am not buying you boxes and packing materials for you.

    2. About that service I already paid for: I already had a problem with Delta Cable/Eastlink’s inability to provide a reliable service. I was reimbursed $ 15/day for the two days for inadequate service, it would seem that they owe me $ 15 for the last day of my subscription. I have not seen a payment for it. Where is my money EASTLINK? Considering that your practice must be a bit of a routine, I then there are many households that you owe money to. (Any class action lawyers out there?)

    3. About that high-speed internet. Months and months ago I called to complain that I was not getting the connection speed I paid for, your customer service person’s response was that I already have a very high-speed connection. Here is a tip: The customers don’t call your customer service to solicit their personal opinions of what is high speed, and what is not, they call to find a solution to a problem. Again, I had paid a premium for a premium service and EASTLINK failed to deliver. On the upside, EASTLINK has been consistent, unfortunately they have been consistent on their failure to deliver for what was paid for.

    Finally: Eastlink paid $ 2,000/subscriber for Delta Cable as I recall. Let them know what you think of their service practices and policies by using your money and take your business elsewhere. There is competition, call them and tell them to beat whatever your service price is. EASTLINK/DELTA CABLE services are like paying for a premium service at a discount store. Vote with your dollars, I am sure there is someone else who actually deserves your business.
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