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  • As I cut the pizza in slices, I noticed just how crispy the crust actually was
  • I was able to sneak a piece of it and was truly amazed at how delicious it was
  • My family and I love Jewel Chef's Kitchen pizza and I recommend it highly to anyone who loves pizza

    • by mom1

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      Jewel Chef’s Kitchen Pizza is just as good or even better that take out pizza. Now, this pizza might now look like much in the freezer section at the store, because it’s a very thin crusted pizza and the wrapper is just plain cellophane, but when you take it home and bake, that’s a whole different story. The only reason why I tried Jewel Chef’s Kitchen pizza is because it was on sale for 10 pizzas for five dollars.

      I actually thought to myself, what am going to do with ten pizzas. Before my family would eat them, I figured they would get freezer burn and not be good anyway.

      Well, in spite of that,

      I did buy ten of these pizzas. When my daughter came home from school with two of her friends to do homework, they were hungry and wanted something to eat.

      I told her that I just purchased these Jewel Chef’s Kitchen pizzas and if they would like to have that as their snack. She wasn’t too sure about it, because my daughter and her friends are very particular about their pizza, but they decided to give it a try and if they didn’t like it, I would be happy to finish what they didn’t! I baked it in the oven for 18 minutes.

      The pizza was kind of small, but I figured if they liked ...

      • it I would pop another one in the oven as it was still hot and wouldn’t take too long. As I took the pizza out of the oven it looked so good with lots of melted cheese and the crust looked thin and crispy.

        As I cut the pizza in slices, I noticed just how crispy the crust actually was. I love crispy crust pizza.

        Well, I brought the pizza to my daughter and her friends and when they looked at it, they actually laughed and asked me where I had gotten it. I told them to reserve their judgement until they actually tasted the pizza.

        To my and their surprise, they were crazy

        about it. They loved the crispy crust and my daughter especially liked the sauce.

        They quickly finished the pizza, and luckily I had more on hand because they wanted another. Needless to say the pizzas that I purchase on that day will not go to waste.

        I was able to sneak a piece of it and was truly amazed at how delicious it was. It truly was better than many pizza carryout places that I have ordered pizza from.

        The sauce is so delicious, with just the right amount of spices, and of course, that crispy crust. My family and I love Jewel Chef’s Kitchen pizza and I recommend it highly to anyone who loves pizza!

    Brad says :

    Jewel stopped making Chef`s Kitchen thin and crispy pizza a couple of months ago. I`ve been eating them since I was a kid. Now my kids have been eating them for their whole lives and they`re gone. Can`t figure out why they stopped making them since they would sell out as soon as they were stocked. Everyone always bought at least a half dozen a a time.
    mom1 says :

    Hi there, I know - I couldn`t believe that Jewel didn`t have the Chef`s Kitchen Pizza`s anymore. I recently bought the regular Jewel pizza and it was very similar, but it was no Chef`s Kitchen I didn`t realize they weren`t made anymore, I thought they were simply out of them. I wonder why they discontinued them. Yes, they always sold out so fast. Thank you so much
    exjewelman says :


    I worked there for over 16 years…and brought this one home often after working a long day.
    They change the label early last year, and I asked the manager if they were the same..At that time, yes it was the same..2 weeks ago bought the pizza, to my surprise it is now garbage……I could not even finish it. The cheese was strange like it had been completely thawed out, and then refrozen……I sure wish they would go back to the original. I understand they ownership has changed again.
    bobbe says :

    I wholeheartedly agree with`exjewelman’. I looked up this web site because I had the same experience. When the pizzas were labeled “Chef Antonio” they were delicious I asked if the new pizzas were the same and was told by the manager that they were and if I was not happy to let her know. (I just ate it last night, but I will be there today.) And so, like many things, they changed the recipe. The crust, now packaged in a box instead of a plastic wrap,is wider (less cheese etc.) The taste and texture are similar, but NOT as good. The tomato sauce has a strange taste and is somewhat bitter. Also, there are less toppings. I will NOT be buying this product again. I hope they go back to the old recipe
    Kevin Truell says :

    Hello everybody and let me state for the record it is November 29, 2016 which is important as I’m not sure when this conversation started. I too had a love affair with Jewels Chefs kitchen thin and crispy pizza for decades. I did give up on it a couple years ago in the midst of yet another acquisition change of the jewel food system as like so many good things in life some multi million dollar paid wait here genius at a remote round table decides our fate for us (anyone remember Entenmans Milk Chocolatey Donuts) and we have no choice but to shrug our shoulders and move on. HOWEVER THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING: The original jewel chef kitchen recipe is back While doing some Thanksgiving shopping I noticed advertising at the pizza freezer referring to Signature Kitchens being “our same delicious pizza in a new package”. If they weren’t three for nine dollars I wouldn’t have paid any mind to it as previously mentioned this pizza has changed recipes I’m more than one occasion over the last few years. But the real McCoy is back And while it’s a value pizza as far as pricing, take a look at the ingredients Italian sausage made of pork No modified cornstarch in the pizza sauce The reason I always love this pizza is because it tasted so good, and the reason it tasted so good is because it WAS (IS) GOOD Thank you jewel whoever owns you this week for doing something right for your customers who have been around the longest
    Will says :

    Hi Kevin,

    After reading your post, I bought A couple of the Signature Kitchens. While they were ok and did have some similarities to Chefs Kitchen, it wasn’t the same, alas. Chefs had a more flavorful cheese, and lots of that awesome, deep tomato flavor which I describe as earthy. Chefs crust also had a flaky, crispy crust. Guess I am daydreaming at this point, sigh.
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