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  • When I take my Newfoundland for a walk, I love the attention that she gets

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      My Newfoundland is the sweetest dog that I ever met! She is 120 pounds of pure delight and she looks like a bear. In fact her name is Meadow Bear. I never thought that a dog could be so sweet. She is very attuned to our moods and no matter if she saw us five minutes ago, when she sees us, she wags her rudder like tail like crazy. Meadow, my Newfoundland has webbed feet that are so cute and they help her swim. She love the water.

      When my Newfoundland sees my daughter, she goes crazy. If my daughter is in her room with the door closed, my Newfoundland will get up on her hind legs and open

      the door. It’s so cute. I have a St. Bernard dog that my Newfie adores.

      She sticks with him like glue. If she sees that my St. Bernard Jeff is looking at her, she runs to his side. It’s almost as if he is looking at her for her to go by him. Actually we sometimes call her Nurse Meadow, because she seems like a little nurse when one of us is not feeling well, she sits by our side and does not leave us.

      Not too long ago, I had a cold and was feeling very under the weather. Wherever I sat, my Nurse Meadow Newfoundland dog sat, never leaving my side. If I got up, she followed close behind me. She is six years old, and everyday she does something that amazes us. My Newfoundland is so obedient, if you tell you to sit or stay, she does.

      I never have to tell her more than once. In fact, I rarely have to tell her to do anything behavior wise, because she is so good, that she never does anything wrong. When we go for a walk, I tell her, “let’s go Meadow” and she goes. When we come to the crosswalk, she stops and sits, as to wait for any cars that might be passing by.

      When I take my Newfoundland for a walk, I love the attention that she gets.

      She is very big ...

      • Newfoundland Dog
      and beautiful. Her coat is magnificent. It’s black and thick, just like a bear. She is very receptive to anyone who approaches her. She likes everybody is is friendly and gentle.

      This makes me very proud of her. However, if she senses danger, she will not hesitate to act. She will bark and growl and get between me and the perceived danger. Sometimes if the doorbell rings or if a someone approaches the house, she will be on guard and bark and growl. She will jump up and stand in front of me, like she is getting between me and whoever is at the door.

      My Newfoundland is beautiful and she is truly a very much loved

      member of our family. The groomer loves when Meadow goes for her bath, because she is so sweet. She never acts up or is wild. I love how gentle she is, but at the same time, she looks very imposing. Many people are apprehensive when they see her because she is so big, and they are frightened of her.

      But when I tell her that she is friendly and gentle they are happy to approach her and pet her. She always make people feel welcome by accepting. She never jumps on anyone and is just the most gentle dog. My family and I love our Newfoundland dog Meadow very much. I feel that the Newfies make an outstanding family pet.

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