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  • The slim I got wasn't really the slim that I wanted because I looked unhealthy

    • by Amaya

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      I used to have this last year but I already stopped taking so because for me, i feel like I’m cheating my own metabolism. Although it has good effects especially when I am in work, but the entire thing didn’t seem good for me in the long run.

      The product’s slogan reads like this: “Eat 30% Less without Feeling Hungry”. True. The promise stayed sincere. I was able to get a lot of benefits because when I am at work, it saved me more time. Even if I don’t eat a lot, I still feel energetic. I didn’t feel hunger at all. So the day’s work is continuous and never interrupted. It

      has been a very great friend before that it has been my habit from the office to the field works when I needed to control my hunger just to do my task fast and without interference. The label says that it can help reduce hunger up to eight hours. That sounded very helpful during office time, right? Well anyhow, my physique was also affected by my intake of this liquid. Since, I had been following such diet of an intake of this and irregular ingestion of my used-to-be regular meals, I turned the way what the product says with its name: slim. The slim I got wasn’t really the slim that I wanted because I looked unhealthy.

      • True, my weight decreased but along the way, the continuous decrease was no longer desirable. From slim, I became thin. I realized that I already had cheated on my body. I deprived myself of the nutrients that my body has demanded whenever I felt hungry. I may have ignored it but unconsciously, my body is starting to deteriorate. I don’t want my body to be in that stage anymore. I now realized that whenever I am hungry, it’s my body telling me that she needs to be filled, to be taken care of and to be loved not to be limited, nor deprived from the nutrition she needs.

        My body and

        my health are my really foundation in my job. I needed to keep it healthy above all despite how busy I am because work with unhealthy body isn’t successful at all. It is still best to take care of what god has given us. Although such food supplement could be beneficial to some who a have totally excessive diet, for us who are still fit in body and has the average body built, let’s settle for what we have. Sometimes, what we wished for can be bad for us when not taken in properly. Instead of depending on these body-shaping and appetite-controlling stuffs, let’s nourish more the body that will serve us for the rest of our lives.

    Robin Bonnema says :

    Did you realize when writing your review that the product`s actual claim is Eat Up To 30 Less All Day and not the Eat 30 Less Without Feeling Hungry stated in your review? Are you also aware that Slim Shots does not alter your metabolism? It simply makes you feel fuller so you eat less when you eat and less hungry between meals? Further, the majority of Americans consume more calories than their bodies actually require - in fact, 6 in 10 are overweight or obese. The most difficult aspect of dieting - actually taking in less food calories consistently to affect weight loss - is getting past the hunger pangs that so often derail weight management programs. SlimShots is a tool to help people who are overweight management their food intake. It`s active ingredient is safe, all natural and as wholesome as the food on your table. Comprised of Palm and Oat Oil in a wate-based emulsion which is sweetened and flavored vanilla or chocolate, this small liquid shot is clinically shown work see for all clinical trial details . And, there is no caffeine no jitters and no fat blockers no embarrassing side effects . It`s a remarkable tool to help people get control of portion size. In a supersized food world…that`s a good thing.
    Amaya replies :

    Well thank you so much for the information. At least, I`ve learned something.. Maybe what you try to point out as an effect is far different from what I had experienced. I mean, this is my opinion, right? And this is what happened to me. Anyways, thanks for the information. I learned a lot and helped me widen the horizon of perspective of the product. Good day and God speed.
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