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  • In fact, no one from all those who watched it so far would care, I think
  • Carl and Russell together on a single journey with different goals is very interesting

    • by Collette

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      Could a thousand balloons filled with helium gas really uproot a house from the ground and send it hovering in the sky for many days? Is it really possible for an old man and a boy to travel inside a flying house in open air without feeling out of breath or being thrown out the window like a sheet of paper because of the strong winds?

      I would have been this cynical if the movie weren’t animation. Because it is, and more so released by Pixar, these inconsistencies are totally forgivable. In fact, no one from all those who watched it so far would care, I think. The superb storyline is more than enough for this movie to pull through and soar high in all the reviews and ratings.

      I have been trying for the longest time to look for a movie that will touch me. I want to leave my seat feeling in love and inspired again.

      Who would’ve thought that I will get this feeling from an animated film wherein I hardly expected anything from but to get a good laugh? I surely had a good laugh indeed! The script was wonderful interspersed with many witty and humorous lines that made me chuckle every so often. But the greatest thing was, although it looked like a shallow movie with just a flying house, it was in fact a very moving story that will give you a major hangover long after the final credits has rolled. And for me, this was one sure test that the creators of the film successfully connected with their audience.

      Carl is an old widower. He felt depressed that his wife died without ever seeing Paradise Falls in South America. It was both their dream to see it. One day, while sorting through his wife’s stuff, he chanced upon an old scrapbook of her adventures. It was an unfinished ...

      • project with blank pages simply because they never got to set foot on Paradise Falls. He crossed his heart that he will finish this dream, tied a thousand balloons in his chimney, and began his flight. By some accident, a young boy named Russell was included in the journey.

        Carl and Russell together provided a stark contrast of personalities. Carl was old, embittered with life, and prefers to be alone. Meanwhile, Russell is very young, talkative and high-spirited. What Carl does not know is that he was once like Russell who was very vibrant in life. But life was tough on him, and his wife’s death is probably the culmination of his depression.

        Carl and Russell together on a single journey with different goals is very interesting. One of them has set that flying trip on purpose to fulfill a lifelong dream, while the other was just accidentally put in that situation and making the most out of

        the trip. Their personalities clash at the beginning, but they started to slowly blend because they needed each other, and they got to know each other better. And so they helped one another emerge as better persons right after that short and fleeting adventure.

        I do not belittle Russell’s character but I am especially endeared to Carl and his unwavering love, faith and hope. Throughout the movie I saw him holding on to these powerful emotions to give him strength though his knees are failing him already. I am such a fan of love that goes beyond trials and difficulties, especially death. I see Carl with a weak and tired body brought about by old age, yet with a strong and undaunted spirit that made him fly a house. Carl personifies the lover we all look for in our relationships. He inspires me to set my own adventure too and live the life I truly want.

        Two thumbs Up!

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