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  • When first watching the movie, I was disappointed by the fact that we as viewers were unable to view the pictures from the drunk episode
  • However, the pictures shown at the end definitely suffice

    • by Valerie

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      I was fortunate enough to see the new movie the Hangover in the movie theatre while it was still in theaters. I saw it with my boyfriend and I must admit, it was the perfect date movie. It is perfect only if you are looking for a very light, airy, fun and funny movie. The movie has little substance to it, but I must state that my boyfriend and I laughed throughout the entire thing.

      The movie opens by presenting four friends who are about to take one of their father’s Mercedes for a road trip to Vegas, The trip to Vegas is planned for a very typical event, a bachelor party. I could only hope to have a bachelorette part in Vegas that is half as fun as this trip was.

      The movie was directed by Todd Phillips who happens to be the man who directed the movie “Old School”. Therefore, you can expect the same type of movie that Old School was since

      directors tend to stay within the confines of their previous movies, creating ones that are very similar in scope.

      The main character is played by Justin Bartha and his name in the movie is Doug. Doug is getting married two days later and takes his two best friends and one virtual stranger for a fun filled bachelor celebration in Vegas. The problem is, everything goes wrong. Doug gets lost, his friends actually cannot find him despite the fact that he is getting married in two short days. They also wake up with chickens and a tiger in their room. Also, when they go to retrieve the Mercedes from the valet, they are given a cop car and called officers.

      Amazingly, all of the crazy plots have explanations. Nobody can remember what happened while they were drunk, but everything comes back slowly. The director is a miracle worker because he makes the entire premise seem plausible. Everything is backed up with a rhyme and a reason.

      • They have the cop car obviously because they stole it while they were drunk. And the chickens and tiger, they stole them from Mike Tyson’s house (obviously while they were drunk). It all makes sense in the end and is not unbelievable.

        This is a very funny movie and a great movie for date night. The entire thing is non stop laughs, my boyfriend and I could hardly contain ourselves from uncontrollable laughter along with the rest of the theatre on the Friday night when we saw it. The place was packed and everyone was laughing.

        In case you were wondering, Bartha or Doug as he is called in the movie does make it to his wedding. The wedding itself is a beatiful, wonderful appearing affair. It actually made me begin thinking about my own wedding (to my boyfriend’s dismay!). And, as expected, everything works out in the end. The movie closes with the emergence of the pictures from the foursomes drunk episode being discovered.

        The credits begin rolling as the crazy , outlandish pictures appear across the side of the screen. When first watching the movie, I was disappointed by the fact that we as viewers were unable to view the pictures from the drunk episode. However, the pictures shown at the end definitely suffice. The movie was not a disappointment after all.

        The movie itself, although dealing with silly, unsubstantial subject matter is actually very clever in and of itself. The director did a fine job creating a new story out of a very old one. Obviously, the whole bachelor party in Vegas premise has been done time and time again. However, somehow he manages to put a new twist on the whole thing. In the end, I loved the way he did not show the drunk episode of the foursome because it allowed the viewers to piece the puzzle together along with the characters on the screen. The movie created something tasteful out of distasteful subject matter.

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