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  • While Sam and Lu are trying to find another way out Michael finds a gun in the EEG machine they brought in so he puts bombs on Annie

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      The episode starts with Ray’s birthday party. The party is so wild that the rabbi comes to make complains about it. Sam is against this kind of alcoholised parties and Annie too but they end up having fun and getting drunk too. When he invites her to the party he tells her; ‘Just for tonight, if you be a hooker, I’ll be a tool. ’ Sam dances on the table doing the robot-dance which amazes other people at the police station. After the party they all fall a sleep at the office and Sam gets woken up by a phone, its his mother from 2008 telling him that they are going to turn off his life support at 2 o’clock if he doesn’t give her a sign before that, he tries to talk to her but she can’t hear him. Nobody else hears that call and they all wake up when Gene enters the room telling them that there’s a hostage situation at the Hospital.

      They go to the place and Gene takes over the command. There’s an armed man in the hospital holding, a doctor and some patients, hostages demanding a nurse and EEG. He wants all that by 2 o’clock otherwise he will kill the hostages. Sam thinks that this situation has something to do with the previous call from his Mum so he decides that the situation has to be resolved without anyone getting killed. So he tries to talk to the man in the hospital promising that the

      special squad won’t enter and he offers himself as a hostage. Sam talks to the man, Michael.

      His brother was suffering from schizophrenia and he didn’t want to be a burden to Michael so he went to Dr. Schwahn who performed a surgery which made his brother worst, he became a plant. The patients are watching a show and when Sam looks better he sees that it’s a show about him. His fiancée Maya and his mother are crying beside his hospital bed where he lies in coma. All the patients are laughing and Michael’s brother is the only one who cries so we suppose he saw the same Sam saw. Instead of a tech and a nurse, Lu and Annie come in.

      While Sam and Lu are trying to find another way out Michael finds a gun in the EEG machine they brought in so he puts bombs on Annie. He wants a bus and a plain and he makes Sam read his demands to Ray, but Ray doesn’t want to listen so they show him Annie all wired. The doctor promised Michael he’d do the surgery although he knows he can’t really help his brother. Brain of Michael’s brother is barely alive as it is so knowing that a surgery won’t help him makes Sam say that to Michael. He beats him for that so the doctor confesses he can’t help Johnny and that he said he could because he was scared. Michael has a new plan; he ...

      • puts pillow envelopes on everyone’s head and a black mask on Sam’s because he wants the police to think that the man wearing a black mask is him.

        So the hostages start heading towards the bus and the police starts shooting at the man in jacket and with a black mask but 2 hostages jump on him to protect him, those were Annie and Gene. Michael didn’t go out the building, so although the building is filled with the explosives Sam goes back in, he promised himself that no one is going to die today. He finds Michael and tries to talk him out of killing himself and his brother. Michael can’t go to jail because then his brother would have to stay in the mental institution. It’s one minute to 2pm when Michael points a gun at Sam, he remembers one of the nicest moments in his life. When he met Maya who told him: ’it’s time for living.

        ’ That makes Sam smile and he hears voices saying that he is smiling and the beeps of hospital machines. Johnny is smiling too. Chris, Gene, Ray and Lee enter the room and they catch Michael who manages to fire his gun and shoot gene. Everyone thinks Gene is dead when they smell Whisky. Gene took 4 flasks with him because he didn’t know for how long the hostage situation would last. The bullet has hit the flask.

        In the next scene we see the squad in a bar and when

        Sam is leaving he hears the soap opera music and goes to a shop window with a TV. He sees a scene in the hospital where a mother doesn’t let the doctors to turn off the machines as she saw his son smiling. So Sam smiles again. Then he sees Maya arrive to his hospital bed saying that it has been months and that she came to say good bye. ‘It’s time for living’ she says. This was a very exciting episode.

        Sam was about to die in the real world and he had to save other people to save himself. But we don’t know if that’s what’s actually going in the real world or if everything is just a fruit of his imagination. The relation with past and present is rather mixed up and even what we think is going on is maybe not even going on. Sam starts really fitting in, although he feels that he doesn’t belong in 1973 when Maya said good bye she saw that as a sign to start to make 1973 his home. That’s why the episode ends with Sam smiling to Annie and his squad. One thing that I appreciated in this episode was Michael’s love for his brother.

        He was willing to sacrifice his own life and dedicate it to take care of his brother. This love made the man go crazy and do wild stuff but today in the world where nobody cares for anyone it’s nice to see that there are still brother deeply connected.

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