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  • He gets back to the baby and sees that Andrew is holding the same rocket his father wanted to give him in the beginning of the episode
  • To us that’s so funny because we know that Sam is amazed with his father, because he didn’t spend much time with him, but to Vic it must have seemed strange

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      This was a very exciting episode, where we and Sam learn much about his childhood. Sam is this man who had an accident in 2008 and woke up in 1973. He has many unresolved issues from his childhood and somehow now in 1973 he manages to find out stuff about when he was 4 years old when his dad left him and his mother. Its Sam’s birthday, he is 4 years old and his mother worries if his father who is a salesman can manage to come to his child party. We see Sam’s father as a man who loves his son very much. He gives him a rocket but Sam prefers his old one. Sam works for the 125 police station and they are trying to resolve a case of kidnapping of baby Andrew.

      Andrew’s father is delivering the money and they see the man who comes to pick up the money. They catch him and Sam recognizes his father. Vic, Sam’s father says that the Pignato brothers blackmailed him to go and take the money for them. Sam’s remembers his father left them on his 4th birthday so he thinks he is back in the past to help his father and stop him from leaving them. Pignato brothers are violent mobsters and there was already a reference to them in the last episode. Sam also has visions of a woman in red dress running trough the woods.

      Vic tells to the officers that he has to call the Pignato brothers to arrange the exchange of the money for the

      baby. So the next morning they are waiting for the phone call in Vic’s house and they talk and end up playing basketball in Vic’s back yard. That’s was Sam’s dream as a boy, to play with his father. We see that Sam starts to like his father and he really believes in his innocence. Vic is just a man who works hard to be able to raise his son. They hear the phone ringing and Vic has to bring the money at a billiards parlor called Sully’s.

      So they wire Vic and let him go with the suitcase full of money. When Vic arrives there we hear gun shots. The police officers enter and see 3 killed man and Vic shot in the shoulder, the Pignato brothers took the money and run away. Sam sees the pin ball machine and remembers his dad was taking him to this billiard parlor as a kid. They find baby Andrew and Sam lets his father go grateful to him because he helped the police to get the baby. He even tells him that now he is able to go and help his son to blow out the candles.

      He gets back to the baby and sees that Andrew is holding the same rocket his father wanted to give him in the beginning of the episode. Sam runs to his mother place but Vic is gone already, his mother is wearing the red dress and Sam thinks that his mother is the woman he sees running trough the woods. He thinks his father is involved ...

      • in this kidnapping somehow so he calls any to keep an eye on his mother and little Sammy. Annie has to go to a wedding so she wears a red dress too but Sam doesn’t know that. He goes to the park and sees Vic and his mother together than he has visions of a woman in a red dress being chased again and this time he sees the face of his father beating her up. He also realizes that no one has every seen the Pignato brothers.

        Annie follows Vic to the woods he catches her and wants to kill her but Sam arrives on time to save her. Sam tells Vic that he knows that Vic is behind all this and Vic starts to make lame excuses for kidnapping a child, it was all for his family but then he shows his real face and confesses that he is the Pignato brothers. His two men arrive and Sam and his dad start to fight. Sam shots his dad but Vic manages to get to the gun. This moment is unrealistic because there are these 2 men fighting and 2 employees of the one are standings just a few meters far away from them and they never try to help Vic or shot Sam. That’s kind a stupid especially because Vic is the head of their criminal organization.

        Vic shots Sam and shows how cruel he really was. In the hospital Sam remembers his Dad saying that the key to all puzzles is in the bottom right-hand corner. So he goes

        back to the station and looks trough all the cases he has solved and the answer is 35 Stewart Drive, Queens NY 11427. So Sam goes there, finds a chess board with a cup of coffee. He receives a phone call from a man telling him to go to the basement. The voice is really creepy.

        There’s this moment when Sam wires his dad. As he can’t tell him who he really is Vic starts thinking that Sam was gay as he gives looks at him in a strange way. To us that’s so funny because we know that Sam is amazed with his father, because he didn’t spend much time with him, but to Vic it must have seemed strange. I liked this episode. The whole time the producers were making us believe that Vic was a very good man who is trying to provide for his family and who is sorry he couldn’t bring more money to the table. Even Sam believes him and feels sorry for him and starts liking him.

        So we start thinking that his Dad has to leave him because he had to run away from the Pignato brothers but in the end we find out that his Dad is really a criminal who let him and his Mum live in poverty just to be able to run his criminal activities. It’s really terrible how in life, and in shows, the things that we want the most turn out to be a fake. Sam wanted a relationship with his father and in the end his father almost killed him. This episode was really exciting.

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