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  • He doesn’t tell them anything interesting for the case but interesting for Sam
  • I like this episode because Sam actually started living, he let himself involve with someone although with the wrong girl but still he did

    • by lorelai

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      Sam, Chris and Ray are talking about Maria. The two men teas Sam for sleeping with her and Sam says to Ray that he practically threw him into her arms because he was always saying how sexy she was but he never told him she was Gene’s daughter. Maria never said it either but that’s because she isn’t very close to her father but that doesn’t mean he isn’t protective over her. Gene arrives and asks them if they knew who Sebastian Grace was as he needed protection because he’s been receiving numerous death threats. Chris is a fan so he takes the assignment. Gene also says to Sam that he heard Sam was involved in some hanky panky in the file room and that he was going to find out whom with. Chris asks Sam to come with him because he is nervous.

      They arrive at the hotel where Sebastian is staying and a party is going on. Sebastian introduces them to almost everyone and among everyone there are a lot of girls and one of them is Rocket girl. Sam goes back home when Maria knocks at his doors. He asks her why she didn’t tell him she was Gene’s daughter and she says she thought he knew. He wants to shut their relationship down which

      makes her leave mad. Back at the party Chris is checking out the death threats when Sebastian takes off with Rocket girl.

      Chris follows them to a field where they stop. He wants to take them back but they manage persuade him to leave them there because they want to catch a glimpse of UFO. He also gives to Chris a beer which makes Chris have hallucinations. A bright light appears in the sky and the Rocket girl runs to it. She disappeared. In the morning they find Chris who can’t remember what happened.

      Sebastian comes running from the woods yelling that Martians took the Rocket girl. They take him in holding and he sticks to his story. Rocket girl’s name was Emily Wyatt. Her dad comes to the station and tells them that Emily probably wonders somewhere as the music made her go crazy and she started using her good looks to get closer to rock stars. Gene invites Annie into his office, he thinks Sam was involved with her and she doesn’t deny it as she wants Lu to stop investigating. She even says it won’t happen again.

      Chris talks to Sam about a man who works in FBI for a paranormal division, but Sam tells him that his ‘vision’ were the result of LSD. Annie ...

      • tells Maria that she is jeopardising Sam’s job but Maria thinks Annie is jealous. Emily’s friend arrives. She says that if Emily is still missing that means she is dead and that Carl Stefanski killed her. Carl was obsessed with Emily, he wasn’t in a band and he was fat so she didn’t want to go out with him. She thinks Carl killed her because he couldn’t stand her sleeping around.

        In Carl’s apartment they find an altar dedicated to Emily. The man doesn’t know where Emily is but they find death threats he was writing to Sebastian. Annie talks to Sebastian. Maria appears on Sam’s doors again, wearing only a rain coat. Sam tells her that one day this was going to be a clichés. They talk about Gene and she tells him that her father gave her a pen with wrong initials on it for her graduations.

        Sam can’t resist her so they make love again. Chris and Sam go to visit the paranormal investigation guy after all. He doesn’t tell them anything interesting for the case but interesting for Sam. People who were abducted buy aliens were returned but years earlier and that they never know what happened to them. Sam thinks that’s what could have happened to him. That makes him on the crime

        scene in the night, when he sees the light see starts yelling take me home.

        In the next scene we see him coming out from the mud with Emily in her arms. The army was testing new air craft and the thrust of the air craft is so strong that it pushed her into the earth. In the end Sebastian gives two passes to Annie. Sam and Chris are talking when Annie arrives asking if he would like to go to the concert with her. Sam thinks she was inviting him but she is actually inviting Chris because he is a big fan. Gene goes to the file room and finds the pen he gave to his daughter there so he realises who was Sam with.

        In this episode we see that Annie really likes Sam, but he doesn’t like him in a selfish way. She warns Maria about jeopardizing Sam’s work and although Maria accuses her that she is jealous I don’t really think that this is completely true because I see Annie as a very good genuine person. She likes Sam, that’s obvious, but I am quite sure that his job was her first priority when she approached Maria. I like this episode because Sam actually started living, he let himself involve with someone although with the wrong girl but still he did.

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