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  • I came back home and thought a lot over the issue and finally decided to give it a try

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      Everyone falls sick and fight diseases in his or her life many a times. In spite of taking all care, we still fall ill, maybe due to less immunity in the body or some external infections. Once ill, one naturally has to go to a doctor and then start with medicines according to the prescription. These medicines sometimes make you lose the taste in the mouth and then you do not feel like eating anything and ultimately become weak.

      The same thing happened to me. I was down with loose motions and a high fever for around a week. Due to the medications and

      some antibiotics, I lost my appetite that made me even weaker. The high fever also contributed in making my body too weak.

      I became perfectly fine and stood on my feet in a week’s time but felt extreme weakness in my whole body. On even walking a few steps or doing a small work, I felt tired and exhausted. I began feeling too uneasy in such a condition.

      I visited the doctor once again and he suggested me to have a lot of fresh juices and eat a healthy food. I started with all these but the recovery on my tiredness was still too slow.

      • Frankly speaking, I had lost the charm in my life.

        It was a fine morning day when I met an old person known to me who advised me to start with Revital capsules for immediate results. I came back home and thought a lot over the issue and finally decided to give it a try.

        I purchased a bottle of Revital capsules and started with one capsule a day. I came to know from its literature that Revital had 20 essential vitamins and minerals and also a herbal extract called ginseng that helped increase energy.

        I am very truthful here when I say that Revital capsules

        is a wonderful drug. I was amazed to see its positive results on my body. My body started recovering from the weakness very fast and within a few days I had life pumped back into me. I was as cheerful as ever before. I even did not get tired on working for hours together.

        Revital capsules had also saved me of my mental tensions regarding my body weakness that had become a primary cause of concern.

        I thanked Revital capsules and made up my mind to continue with the capsule for a couple of months more, as the Revital capsules are not at all addictive in nature.

    sumit says :

    Go for Nutricharge Man better product then revital.Nutricharge contains 35 essentiak nutrients.
    Galega says :

    Nutricharge might contain 35 essential nutrients, but you should also remember that it is 15 times costly than Revital. It is out of reach for average users.

    And, the position of both of these supplements are quite different. Revital primarily is backed by Ginseng.
    Narendra Negi says :

    sorry sir u r wrong it is available in only 392 rs only and if u r direct seller u will return minimum 20rs extra….
    Megha Manoj Sarge says :

    I have been taking Pan D capsules for more than 2 years now but not regularly. I prefer to take Pan D capsule when I suffer from acidity, heartburn, acid re-fluxes or stomach ache. It happens to me whenever I eat anything spicy or I overeat sometimes on occasions like parties, weddings, etc. I pop one capsule before eating anything junk as a precaution.

    This capsule comes in a strip containing 15 capsules priced at INR 178/-. It contains Pantoprazole and Domperidone. Both of these helps to soothe the stomach and helps in fast digestion as well. It should be taken before a meal or empty stomach in the morning. I take it either in the morning or at night. you can take this two times a day too if symptoms are severe.

    This is my go-to medicine. Pan D was recommended by my family doctor two years ago, since then I am taking this medicine. My doctor then recommended me to have it two times for 10 days. I had a really bad acid re-flux issue at that time. I took this and other antibiotics with it and the problem has vanished. I find it better than other acidity relief medicines available at medical stores like Digene, Eno, etc. Everybody in my family takes this medicine.

    I recommend you to ask your doctor before taking these capsules although they are safe and available all around the world at any drug store. One should not have these capsules for a long period as it may also have some side effects like Dry mouth, Dizziness, etc.
    Galega says :

    Pan D is a good medicine for acid reflux (GERD). However, it has absolutely nothing to do with Revital Capsule, the subject of this review. I would never suggest someone to take a medicine to control gas and acidity just to take Revital. I have seen people having gastric problem after taking Revital. For them, it is better to just avoid taking Revital.
    swapna says :

    my son is 12 years of age. He weighs 48 kgs. can he start with revital capsule a day?
    nitin says :

    no because i read a lot about revital, beacause site suggest less then 12 and 12 years old person should not take it , you can see on the revital site
    Galega says :

    Hi Swapna,

    According to Ranbaxy, Revital should be taken only at the age of 15 years of above. However, doctors recommend it to be taken only after 18 years age. You generally don’t need Ginseng before this age.
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