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  • The cost of the plan varies as to how many movies you can rent at a time
  • Overall, though, I am very happy with Netflix, as it provides good service to its members and is much cheaper and more convenient than renting movies in a video store

    • by Opalina143

      Netflix is a company that provides DVDs to its members. A member subscribes to the service, and then pick DVDs from the database of movies that Netflix has. The company then sends the movies to the member through the mail. This is the basic concept of Netflix.

      All in all, Netflix has been so successful that it is driving its rival Blockbuster right into bankruptcy. There are many satisfied customers of Netflix. I will explain why.

      There is

      a huge selection of DVDs to choose from. Many of them are new releases, and the number of copies is high enough to meet demand. It is very rare to have to wait for a movie. Also the site has many items to rent: movies, documentaries, musical videos, and television series. There are so many DVDs to choose from that there is no chance of the member ever running out of great things to watch. The movies are shipped promptly, with only two days or so between sending one out and getting one back. There are shipping centers located in many places around the US, which allows the movies to get to and from customers very quickly.

      Plans are very affordable, from 4.99. The cost of the plan varies as to how many movies you can rent at a time. It is good to rent two or three at a time so that you will always have a ...

      • Netflix
      movie at home and little or no wait. But there are many plans to choose from so you can pick the one best suited to your household.

      In addition to movies you can rent, Netflix has movies available for you to watch online. These movies play with only the touch of a button. Thousands of documentaries, movies and television series are available to be watched instantly in your Internet Explorer Browser. I do with that more movies were available.

      Also, sometimes movies are available to be watched only for a short time. I wish the movies were always available to be watched and did not expire. That is very annoying.

      Overall, though, I am very happy with Netflix, as it provides good service to its members and is much cheaper and more convenient than renting movies in a video store. It is no surprise that Netflix is an extremely popular way to rent movies in the United States.

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Radhika says :

Netflix is not just a name now, it has become a brand and a powerful organization nowadays. I can assure you that you were binging your favorite series or movie on Netflix only because this is what this organization has achieved your “TRUST AND TIME”. As you all know what time is for us, it is beyond valuable and we without wasting a bit of it just wanted to watch what we really crave for but in other sites or apps you will get those unwanted pop-ups and repeated ads only and this sometimes turns out to be a big turnoff. The second major problem is, you won’t get good content original series in any other platforms as much you will get on NetFlix. It is fully star-studded now. According to me, Netflix turned out to be a total gem for us andsprefer
Gilan Nurdiansyah says :

I love Netflix. The video quality is really good. You don’t have to wait long to play the video. But one thing that I don’t like about Netflix is you can’t find some movie or show. I don’t know if it’s just me, but not all movie or show is there when I searched it up. So rather than spending money on Netflix, I recommend to watch movie and show at movie website. There’s tons of them, you just have to find it
Opalina143 replies :

I also wish they had more things on Netflix. There just aren’t enough good movies. But the price is good, and it’s worth getting
Ian McKee says :

re : Overall, though, I am very happy with Netflix, as it provides good service to its members and is much cheaper and more convenient than renting movies in a video store
The plan varies by how many movies you rent at one time, or by what type of internet streaming screens you want. The basic plan is $ 10.99 and goes up the more screens you want to be able to view on at the same time on one account. For example if you pay $ 12.99 for two screens, you can watch the same or different movies at the same time on two different screens
Ian McKee says :

re : Overall, though, I am very happy with Netflix, as it provides good service to its members and is much cheaper and more convenient than renting movies in a video store
I love this service because it is updated monthly, and it has movies, and tv shows/series. You only pay the monthly fee, and you can watch as much at you want, and most TV series are put on all at the same time, so if you want to binge watch a show you can. You also save money on spending the movie theater prices for popcorn, candy, and soda. Plus you can pause the show at anytime, and come back to it at anytime. It saves where you left off.
NeoGolden says :

I used the free trial, but never taken full advantage of it. At that time I was not really a netflix user or I simply did not have time, nor do I have a lineup of shows I was interested in. The problem I saw once using the free trial was although I was viewing the HD video, there are some parts of the viewing session where the video seem to stall and only stream in SD. Not sure if it has to do with my internet connection speed at that particular time
Lou says :

On the UK one there s no option to rent movies you just pay a monthly fee for everything
Mauna Locca says :

I love Netflix forever. Here in Canada, we pay just Canadian $ 9.99 per month for unlimited access. I watch so many shows like Animal Kingdom, Ozark, Last Kingdom, Into the Night, and so many more. I have totally given up watching TV because I hate commercial interruptions. And besides, with Netflix, I can rewind or fast forward any scene. You can’t do this when you’re watching TV
opalina replies :

I agree that Netflix is good. You get many hours of entertainment for a relatively small amount of money. But I do wish it had more recent movies on it. There are fewer movies in general than I would like, as I tend to like movies more than series.
Shafae says :

So I’d say Netflix and I have an extremely sweet, but slightly bitter relationship. I absolutely love that you don’t have to wait for an extended period, or any period for that matter for your movies to load. I was so elated when I bought a smart tv and found that the app was already pre-installed. That’s a plus too My friend and I get to split the bill each month and have profiles for ourselves, and of course, there’s the kids profile:) I think this service was well thought out and I look forward to even greater things from Netflix. My only concern though is the fact that I’m here in Jamaica and we pay the $ 10.99 per month, but still it’s really the old movies that we mainly have access to in addition to the Netflix originals. There are so many movies that we would love to watch here and it shows availability on Netflix, but when I check my profile..nothing..Does anyone else have this challenge? Good job, nonetheless.
John Willis says :

If you haven’t tried the search feature start there. Not all available titles will be in the categories presented to you after profile selection, those are primarily based on your interests/previously watched. If you can’t find it with search then it’s a regional release. Different regions/countries/continents are given access to different sets of titles and you can gain access to any region you want with a vpn service. If what you want to watch is available in Whitechapel England then open your vpn app and select the United Kingdom as the internet connections location of origin… Vpns are also needed for secure and anonymous internet usage. Everyone should be using one.
Shafae says :

Thanks for the helpful tips, John.
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