SEGA Classics Collection for PS2
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  • Still, every now and then, a remake or re-release can lead to some pretty interesting things, especially for those of us who didn't grow up in the age of the Arcade

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      I find it kind of funny how often game companies try to remake and recycle their older games and ideas nowadays. It’s slightly depressing when considering that movies are going the same way. Still, every now and then, a remake or re-release can lead to some pretty interesting things, especially for those of us who didn’t grow up in the age of the Arcade. SEGA Classics Collection is just that. It is a collection of some of SEGA’s best arcade games, remade with enhanced graphics and some added modes. Most of these, however, are hit and miss, so we’re going to just take a look at the collection as a whole, with a few references to each game where appropriate.

      Story: 6/10

      As I mentioned, every game here was an arcade game originally, so their stories range from very minuscule or non-existant in terms of the racing games like Monaco GP, Outrun, and Virtual Racing, and the puzzle games like Columns, to the completely ridiculous,

      such as Tant-R, Fantasy Zone, and Space Harrier, to the rather serious, such as Golden Axe, Bonanza Bros, and Alien Syndrome. The variety is nice, but none of the storylines really add much to the gameplay aside from a bit of back story. It’s nice for a few of the games, like Golden Axe, where it’s like a tolkein-esque story.

      Gameplay: 6/10

      Another good variety of gameplay here, but again, it’s pretty hit-and-miss. Games like Fantasy Zone, and Columns feel fluent and easy to control. They’re very responsive and work just like they’re out of an arcade cabinet. The same goes for the puzzling Tant-R and the sneaky Bonanza Bros. games. Outrun also feels very responsive, though the gear shift sometimes gets annoying. Alien Syndrome’s new scheme of moving with one control stick and firing with the other is completely brilliant and it works very well with the genre. But then, at the other end of the spectrum, you have Golden Axe. The game is

      a classic, but here, the controls feel very sluggish, and very broken It’s hard just to land a few hits in this game, and I find myself taking more of a beating than anything else. And dead last is Virtual Racing. This game is so realistic that it’s unrealistic, if that makes any sense. It just feels far too complicated and broken. No matter what I do, I find myself crashing all over the place and I’m lucky if I can complete a single lap. So, once again, the games are a mixed bag and some of the added features feel like they could have been thrown out in favor of the original look.

      Graphics: 7/10

      At least the games still look decent. Alien Syndrome and Golden Axe now look like early Playstation 1 titles. This, in itself, is pretty mixed as the characters don’t seem very detailed anymore. Again, Virtual Racing is the low point. The game looks so polygonal, it hardly seems to ...

      • SEGA Classics Collection for PS2
      matter. It’s still unplayable. Space Harrier’s new look is also a bit of a put-off. The 3D look just doesn’t work for a rail shooter that was originally 2D and the new perspective can throw off your aim.

      It isn’t all bad though. Everything else looks pretty good, especially Fantasy Zone, which thankfully retained its 2D look, with a more colorful pallet, and still looks just as trippy as every. The other games look pretty good, with Tant-R and Bonanza Bros. now having a sort of 2.5D look that works really well for the genre. So, the games all look pretty good, with some ups and downs.

      Music: 8/10

      The games all definitely sound amazing. All of the original songs are present, but have a much more epic and orchestral feeling. Even something as silly as the score to Fantasy Zone sounds so peppy and upbeat that you can’t help but bob and weave as you play the game. While everything else in Golden Axe seems

      to have taken a step back, the music in the game sounds phenomenal. All the other games all have great scores, but yet again, Virtual Racing is the low point. Going for realism, there is no music, nothing but the engine and the sound of your crashes to keep you company. I do feel like the option to change the music via the radio in Outrun kind of makes up for this, though.

      Overall: 7/10

      This is a pretty decent collection of great arcade games. But I feel that some of the games and their updates could have been a little more thought out. People who played the originals will have mixed feelings about the ports, but those that missed out on the originals will find most of the games enjoyable, and can overlook any flaws in the games (aside from Virtual Racing… that game is a complete mess). It’s work at least a rental, if only for nostalgia’s sake. If you like it, definitely buy it.

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