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  • Of all the dogs out there, I think these are perhaps one of the most beautiful breeds out there
  • Our Siberian Huskies would just simply sleep to avoid the hottest part of the day

    • by onerios13

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      When I was living with my aunt and uncle one year in Texas, we got two Siberian Huskies as pets. And yes, it is very cruel to get such animals when you live in the heat of the Texas sun. But by golly, but these dogs were just gorgeous though! I had never seen one before and it was during the time when dogs like these were all the rage, and it was just such an exotic dog to own. But the first time I looked into their blue blue eyes I was hooked. They were just simply amazing to look at. The male Husky had that typical bandit/raccoon black mask over his square face while the female has lighter marks around her ice blue eyes. And I absolutely loved their tails! Big, bold and bushy, they would swish them madly whenever someone came out to play with them. But they were also very good dogs too. They hardly ever barked and would frolic and play rambunctiously with each other, chasing after one and other or simply trying to get their own wagging tails.

      Of all the dogs

      out there, I think these are perhaps one of the most beautiful breeds out there. I could just sit there and watch those dogs for hours. I loved their eyes the most, that deep dark blue that was such a contrast to their black and white fur. And the coat, good Lord but was it thick! And that is why I think it’s cruel to own animals that were built for the Arctic in a place as hot and dry as the Texas panhandle. But even so, they are very adaptable animals too. Our Siberian Huskies would just simply sleep to avoid the hottest part of the day. They’d scrunch up as close as they could to the backdoor under the canopy and snooze the day away. But as soon as it got cooler, they’d come awake and chase after anything that moved. Although not as naturally obedient as a German Shepherd, these dogs are just so darn cute and playful that you can forgive them for always pulling at the leash to go chase after something only they can see. And I must admit that they ...

      • are very loyal too. Or at least to each other. The reason why I say this is because my aunt and uncle would take only one of them for a walk at a time. The normally took the male with them first and the first time they did that, the female went berserk! She howled like a wolf whose mate had died and she ran like crazy around the backyard just yelling her head off. It was the most mournful and sad sounding cry I had ever heard emit from a dog’s mouth and it deeply affected me.

        Of course she got used to having him leave her after awhile, but I never forgot her forlorn howl and how she just about lost her mind thinking that she’d never see him again. The male never acted like that but he did always seem glad to see her again when she returned from her walk. Overall, I’d say that this is a very lovable animal. It is also very strong so you better have a good arm if you’re taking them out for a walk and haven’t had them

        go through obedience training yet. But they are just too darn cute for their own good, so don’t be surprised if you return home and your Husky puppy has ripped up the carpets and the couch but just sits there looking pitiful as if to say, “Well, if you wouldn’t leave me here all by my lonesome, then I wouldn’t tear things up! So I guess it’s YOUR fault, isn’t?” and you silently agree because there is nothing so cute as that woebegone face with its raccoon mask and deep rich blue eyes staring up at your in adoration. These animals also need a lot of room so be sure you have adequate space for them to romp. And for the love of all that is holy, please exercise them! They are from a race that is used being active (you remember pulling sleds and such), so for them to be cooped up in a small apartment is tantamount to being a jailer. But if you do have the space both in room and heart, then this is a wonderful pet that will be a treasure to you and your family.

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