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  • Now trying to figure out how to discipline this little guy was even harder, he was never into toys much and lock him in his crate, no problem
  • I don't think I will ever be with out one from now on

    • by Michelle Eckman

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      I have had my first Basenji for almost 16 years now. He is a joy, but we have had our trials. When I first met this breed in person I was told how temperamental they were and how nasty the breed was. I was told this breed was prone to getting into trouble and would be very likely to bite anyone who wasn’t part of their family.

      This is one of the oldest breeds in the world, they date back to the Pharaohs of Egypt and are still used by the natives in the Congo for hunting today. They are a pack breed which means with out a lot of socialization they can become very very territorial and possessive of their home.

      The first one I brought home, was very cute and not very affectionate. He learned quick and had so much

      energy. When I started working with him, he was very defiant and not very willing to learn what I wanted him to do. Then I realized he had figured these things out with in about 5 minutes and was just very very bored. Now trying to figure out how to discipline this little guy was even harder, he was never into toys much and lock him in his crate, no problem…then I put him in the corner like a 3 year old and it worked. The worst punishment was making him sit in the corner and watch everyone else play! He learned hand signals before I realized it. He was and still is completely attuned to me and when ever I was upset he would come snuggle other wise he always preferred to sit in the window and watch what was going on outside.

      The breed is normally any where from 16 to 27 lbs depending on the blood lines and the sex of the dog. They have a short coat and most shed only minimally. They have a tail that curls up over their back which for some reason makes people think straightening it out is a good idea; please don’t pull on the dog’s tail or try to straighten it out. Some of these tails actually calcify and don’t straighten out. For these dogs it is very painful.

      My dogs can be very entertaining, but I have to be careful they may be doing something cute because they are after something . I have had to remove the fridge towels; one of them learned to pull on the towel and open the fridge to help himself!

      I now have several and the little ...

      • Basenjis
      princess of the house sits on the back of my chair every night watching TV, she sleeps behind my knees and feels a compulsive need to go out many times a day just to check the fence line and make sure the house is safe from squirrels and birds. My yard has a 6 foot wood fence because the dogs climb, and if they can get a foot hold, they will be over it. My princess leaps on the counter when she feels she is being denied something she feels is hers. Every time I put the dogs in the back yard, I have to lock the door, if I don’t they open it and let themselves back in.

      Last night I was making sausage for dinner went out to start the grill and lost my dinner!! They are very very good at

      counter surfing and I have to keep the garbage out of reach otherwise I’m constantly picking up the contents on a regular basis.

      You have to be able to laugh a lot to own this breed. Also make sure if you do get one, then please make sure they can tell you about health issues and temperament in the parents and blood lines. I’ve seen a couple that were poorly socialized as puppies and they didn’t have anywhere near as pleasant personalities and attitudes. I was told the normal life span of the breed is about 12 years, my oldest is going on 16! He still gets into trouble and he’s my best friend. The bark-less breed is a lot of energy and a lot of fun if you want a challenge.

      I don’t think I will ever be with out one from now on!

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